Petrol sales surge, Kovid returns to pre-19, diesel

In the Corona era, auto industry industry is moving towards normal. After the nationwide lockdown in March, for the first time, the sale of petrol has increased in September. Petrol sales in September were two per cent higher than the same period last year. For the first time since March this year, the consumption of petrol has increased. At the same time, diesel sales in September were seven percent less than in September last year, but diesel sales are up 22 percent over August 2020.

Sales prior to Kovid
Increased petrol and diesel sales in September showed that fuel demand has reached the pre-Kovid-19 level. This information was obtained from the initial data of public sector petroleum companies, whose market share is more than 90 percent.

By this percentage increase
According to government figures, petrol sales have increased by 10.5 percent compared to the previous month. In September, petrol sales rose to 2.2 million tonnes. Whereas, in September last year, sales were 21.6 lakh tonnes. At the same time, in August this year, petrol sales were 19 lakh tonnes. But diesel sales fell to 48.4 lakh tonnes in September this year as against 52 lakh tonnes in September 2019. In August 2020, 39.7 lakh tonnes of diesel was sold.

Diesel sales will remain low
According to Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited director Arun Kumar Singh, the sale of petrol has now reached the pre-Kovid-19 level, but there will be no significant increase in diesel sales yet. He said that due to Corona, people are avoiding public transport right now, diesel consuming vehicles like school buses or public buses are being used less.

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