Petrol prices increased again today, 35 paise per liter expensive, know the latest prices

New Delhi: Inflation in the country is increasing day by day in such a way that the life of the people has become difficult. The public is not getting much relief from the ever-increasing oil prices. Petrol prices have increased once again today. In the capital Delhi, a liter of petrol has become costlier by 35 paise a liter. Know today’s latest prices.

city  Petrol  Diesel
New Delhi  99.16 89.18
Mumbai    105.25 96.72
Kolkata 98.99 92.03
Chennai  100.15 93.72
Bangalore 102.46 94.54


Bumper earning of central government from tax on petroleum products

In 2020-21, custom duty of Rs 37 thousand 806 crore was collected on the import of petroleum products. Whereas Central Excise Duty earned 4.13 lakh crores, while import of petroleum products earned 46 thousand crores as Custom Duty.

Petrol becomes costlier by Rs.8.76 in two months

Starting from the price of Rs 90.40 per liter on 1st May, now the price of petrol in the national capital Delhi has gone up to Rs 99.16 per liter, which is Rs 8.76 per liter in the last 60 days. Similarly, the price of diesel in Rajdhani also increased by Rs 8.45 per liter in the last two months to Rs 89.18 per liter in Delhi.

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