Petrol-Diesel Price: Oil prices rise again, petrol costs 23 paise and diesel 25 paise

Petrol-Diesel Price: The prices of petrol and diesel in the country have increased for the 13th time today after May 4. In the capital Delhi, the price of petrol has increased by 23 paise and the price of diesel by 25 paise. After which now the price of one liter petrol in Delhi has reached Rs 93.44 and the price of one liter diesel has reached Rs 84.32.

This is the 13th increase in the price of fuel after May 4. Before that, there was no change in fuel prices for 18 days during the assembly elections in other states including West Bengal. Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil, and Hindustan Petroleum Oil companies give prices of petrol and diesel prices in all cities every morning.

Know the prices of Mumbai-Chennai and Kolkata-

Petrol Rs 99.70 per liter

Diesel Rs 91.57 per liter

Petrol Rs 95.06 per liter

Diesel Rs 89.11 per liter

Petrol Rs 93.49 per liter

Diesel Rs 87.16 per liter

Explain that due to local taxes like VAT and freight charges, fuel prices vary from state to state. VAT on petrol is highest in Rajasthan. It is followed by Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Oil companies revise prices in the international market on the basis of the average price and exchange rate of standard fuel daily in the last 15 days.

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