People working in the unorganized sector will get a chance to invest in mutual funds

ZFunds, which is a mutual fund distribution platform, has opened investment options for people in the lower income group as well. There was a time when it was believed that only rich people do investment work. But, with time this thinking started changing and middle class people also started investing heavily. ZFunds has introduced a scheme through which people working in the unorganized sector will also get an investment opportunity.

These companies started this facility
ZFunds said that this mutual fund has been jointly introduced by Tata Mutual Fund, HDFC Mutual Fund and ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. With the help of all these companies, ZFunds wants people living in small towns and villages of the country to now invest in mutual funds and take advantage of it. Along with this, he should invest according to his earnings every day. With this, daily wage earners like laborers working in the unorganized sector will get an opportunity to invest.

Daily earners will get investment opportunity
According to a report published in TV 9, Manish Kothari, co-founder of Z-Funds, has said that earlier the number of people investing in mutual funds in India was limited to one category. But, now gradually after changing the rules, now people earning daily will also get a chance to invest.

He told that in Daily Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), more than 3,000 people are investing in this plan daily. The company plans to invest more than one lakh people every day by 2023 next year. Along with this, 54 percent of the people investing in it are self-employed persons. In this, any person can invest 100 rupees daily (Investment Tips).

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