People often make these mistakes while buying insurance, if they know, they will be in profit

Insurance: Insurance is actually a contract between the insurance company and the insured. Under this contract, the person pays a certain amount (premium) to the insurance company and the insurance company compensates that person in case of any loss as per the terms of the policy.

Special care should be taken while buying insurance. It has been seen that people make some mistakes while buying insurance, due to which they become a victim of fraud. Today we are telling you about some such important things.

Check agent claims
Insurance agents make many big claims while selling the policy, but it is important that you investigate each of their claims yourself. Do not sign the documents attached to the policy without reading it completely. Often insurance agents also say that only you sign, I will do everything else. But you do not have to accept this, but you have to sign only after reading everything thoroughly.

Contact insurance company
The best way to get accurate information about an insurance product is to call the insurance company yourself. There are 24-hour toll free numbers of insurance companies available. All the information can be gathered by calling on these numbers.

secure payment option
The safest mode of payment should be chosen. The more you avoid cash payment, the better. It is better to pay by cheque, debit and credit cards or online methods. By making payment through these means, you have a proof to whom you have given money.

fake call
Fake calls in the name of insurance have become a big problem nowadays. Fake callers can lure you with big offers. Therefore it is important to buy the policy from the authentic insurance channel only. If you plan to buy the policy online, then check whether the domain of the insurer website is genuine or not.

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