Paytm News: Paytm users can now avail the facility to create Health ID on the app, know the news of work

Paytm Health ID News: There is big news for Paytm users. Paytm has given a facility to its users through which they can keep their health related updates safe in a Unique Health ID. Paytm has announced that it has integrated with the National Health Authority’s Health ID, through which users can now create their unique health ID on Paytm.

What is Paytm’s plan – how will you get the benefit
Paytm has announced that it is adding the health ID of the National Health Authority on its platform, under which its users will be able to create their unique health ID on Paytm. With this, they will get many facilities such as users will be able to see the lab reports of their tests. You will be able to book teleconsultants and store all your health related information in one place in your Health ID and keep it safe in Health Locker.

Health ID target of 1 crore people
Paytm informed that the company aims to create health IDs of 1 crore Indians on its platform within the coming 6 months. According to the information provided by the company, Paytm will become the largest consumer platform to create health ID for both Android and iOS users. Through this, people will also be able to buy medicines from pharmacies, book lab tests and if needed, will be able to access all the medical reports at once.

You can also link your health ID with personal health record
Paytm users can link their Health ID with their Personal Health Record (PHR) which will allow them to access all their medical reports and history at once. Through this, every information related to the health of the user will come on the unique health ID created from Paytm and users will get a lot of ease.

What is the government’s digital health ID card scheme
Data of all patients will be stored digitally through Health ID Card 2021. Through the scheme, now people will not need to carry their medical reports everywhere because their medical reports will be saved in this ID which doctors will be able to access. Through the Health ID card, any kind of medical data will never be lost from the people and through the Health ID card, there will be a facility to see the medical history of every person immediately, which will be very useful. Health ID will go a long way in the process of taking forward the government’s digital health mission and people’s health data will be able to be kept safe in it simultaneously.


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