Passenger vehicle sales up 13.6% in December; 7.24% increase in sales of two-wheelers

In the domestic market, sales of passenger vehicles increased by 13.59 percent during December (2020). Sales of passenger vehicles increased to 2,52,998 units due to increased demand last month. In fact, during the Corona transition, avoiding public transport and paying attention to private vehicles is showing an increase in the sales of passenger trains.

Vehicle sales up 13.6 percent

According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers Association, or SIAM, 2,22,728 vehicles were sold in the month of December 2019, but in December 2020, the sales of vehicles increased to 2,52,998 units. If you add the sales of Tata Motors vehicles, then this growth can be up to 17.4 percent. Actually, Tata Motors has stopped giving its monthly sales figures to SIAM. In December (2020), Tata Motors sold 23,545 units.

Two-wheeler sales up 7.24 percent

In December (2020), sales of two-wheelers have also registered a growth of 7.42 per cent. During this period, its sales reached 1,127,917 units. Scooter sales increased by 5.59 per cent to 3,23,696 units. At the same time, motorcycle sales rose 6.65 percent to 7,44,237 units. However, sales of three-wheelers fell by 58.87 per cent to 22,126 units during this period. In fact, due to the low base, the sales of passenger vehicles increased to around 13.59 percent in December 2020 as compared to 2019.

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