Parisian traders suffer from lack of tourists and Hidalgo’s anti-car policy

Weakened by the absence of foreign tourists and worried about the municipality’s “total aversion” to the car, professionals are sounding the alarm.

Recovery ? Parisian traders do not see it coming. Unlike several sectors that have benefited from a strong rebound in consumption since May, in Paris and Île-de-France, activity remains sluggish, far from its 2019 levels. the alarm bell.

A study published on Saturday by the Federation of Parisian Traders and Craftsmen Associations (FACAP), the Alliance du Commerce, the Confederation of Independent Traders of France and the federations of clothing and shoe retailers underlines that “nothing goes” in the Paris region. “Paris fails to get up“, And its turnover collapsed by 21% in June 2021, compared to the same period two years earlier, in the clothing sector, considered to be representative of”dynamism of commerce in the capital», Reports the document.

The decrease differs according to the districts: those of business and tourism are “on the brink of death», Whether it is the Champs-Élysées (-39%), the Saint-Germain / Saint-Michel district (-28%), left bank, or the Opéra / Haussmann district (-33%), in the 9th district. The same goes for Les Halles, Le Marais or Beaugrenelle.

The figures come from the traders themselves», Explains to Figaro the president of FACAP, Thierry Veron. His organization prides itself on representing “around 8000 shops in Paris“. Businesses suffer first of all from a flight of international tourists, in the capital as well as in the Paris region. “This lack of customers explains these figures so bad in Paris, compared to the rest of France“, Worries the representative. On Saturday, the boss of the Paris Tourist Office, Jean-François Rial, gave a pessimistic panorama of the season, on France Inter: after a “rushIn May and June, reservations plummeted, as the Delta variant gained momentum. “People […] register less […] and vsthe rush is dropping sharplyHe regretted.

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Deporting the debate on the ZTL

In addition, the capital also suffers from a problem of “mobility»And parking, linked to the management choices of the town hall. “Many businesses are complaining. Some customers tell them: ‘We can no longer come to your place, we can no longer park because there are cycle paths’”Or ephemeral terraces, reports Thierry Veron. This “total dislikeFor the car scares customers away from the capital, in favor of peripheral shopping centers. “The issue of mobility will weaken the commercial attractiveness of Paris. If we do not come back to it, we risk having establishments closed», Warns our interlocutor.

The FACAP notably asks the socialist town hall to deport the explosive debate on the establishment of a “restricted traffic area(ZTL) from 2022 to the National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP). “The subject is serious, too serious not to take it seriously“, Considers Thierry Veron. Professionals are worried about a reform that risks worsening the bleeding for the sector: “cars will evaporate, they will go where they can go», In the suburbs, therefore. One “Recovery plan»Integrating the safety and cleanliness of the city is also suggested.

Refusing to play politics, the boss of the FACAP calls on the mayor of Paris to “come back to certain pointsOf its program, so that small businesses are not the joke turkeys. Because a city center without stores is a dead city center.

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