Paddington Bear – British treasure

Paddington Bear is the first cartoon character to appear in a video with the Queen of England, there are more than 50 statues across London.

Before the Platinum Jubilee concert outside On June 4, at Buckingham Palace, the organizers showed a video of Queen Elizabeth having afternoon tea with Paddington Bear. The revealed character always hides in his hat his favorite dessert: a marmalade sandwich. “I’m like you. I hid the cake in here”, the Queen witty replied, pulling out a cake from her bag and showing it to her uncle. When she heard music from outside the palace, the Queen took a spoon and tapped the cup with the rhythm of the song We Will Rock You. Paddington Bear imitated her actions.

Paddington appeared with Queen Elizabeth from 15 seconds, before the performance of Queen, Adam Lambert. Video: YouTube James-Michael Robinson

Paddington Bear is a 64-year-old fictional character, considered a “national treasure” by the British.. Uncle first appeared in 1958 in a children’s book A Bear Called Paddington (A bear named Paddington) by Michael Bond, Peggy Fortnum and other artists.

According to the sheet USA Today, the idea to write a story about this animal came to Bond by accident. On Christmas Eve 1956, on his way home, he suddenly saw a toy bear in the store and decided to buy it for his wife. He called it Paddington after the nearby train station. The author thought of the story of an unaccompanied bear who went to the station to seek shelter.

Paddington Bear by RW Alley.  Photo: NY Times

Illustration of Paddington Bear by artist RW Alley. Image: NY Times

In the Michael Bond story, Paddington was born in Peru, lost his parents in an earthquake, and was raised by his aunt Lucy. When his aunt was old, she moved to a bear nursing home, she taught him English and sent him to England by sea. Initially, the writer intended to let him come from Africa, but then had to move to South America because the “black continent” had no bears. Paddington’s prototype was the Andes short-faced bear.

Trailer Paddington 2

Trailer of the movie “Paddington 2”, which caused a fever in 2018. Video:

He is personified, wearing an old red hat, carrying a suitcase full of trifles. On his duffel coat was attached the words: “Please take care of this bear”. The author says the memory of children evacuated from London during the Second World War, with notes on their furniture, inspired him to create this detail. Paddington is polite, kind, always polite to everyone, especially loves marmalade. Bear adopted by the Brown family, has a new life. He often gets into many troubles but always tries to overcome difficulties. Through the story of Paddington, Bond conveys his memories of war, displaced people, refugees.

Statues of Paddington Bear in front of Tower Bridge London 2014. Photo: AFP

Paddington Bear statues placed in front of Tower Bridge London 2014. Photo: AFP

Paddington Bear is an iconic and influential figure in British culture. He appeared in more than 20 books by Michael Bond, translated into 30 languages, sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. Page The Conversation Character comments combine many typical children’s personalities: curious, energetic and wise. The outside is simple and lovely, but the inside of Paddington is very complicated. He longs to be mature and mature but still wants to have a pure childhood like other children. He was like a tourist, amazed by the landscape of post-war London, and at the same time eager to integrate into a new society. The experiences of bears partly reflect the daily habits and culture of the people of the foggy land.

In addition to the three-part cartoon The Adventures of Paddington Bear, cThe Story of Uncle was adapted into two movies in 2014 and 2017, with a total box office revenue of more than 500 million USD. In 2018, Google changed the Doodle to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of Paddington Bear. He also appeared on many advertisements, postage stamps, souvenirs. Paddington teddy bear products have a history of 50 years, with hundreds of designs. In London, visitors can find more than 50 bear statues around the area of ​​Paddington station.

A corner of the exhibition Paddington: The Story of a Bear (Paddington: Story of a Bear) at the British Library in 2021. Photo: P&Co.Ltd

A corner of the exhibition “Paddington: The Story of a Bear” (Paddington: Story of a Bear) at the British Library in 2021. Photo: P&Co.Ltd

Many exhibitions related to the character have been held, notably the 2017 event at the London Museum, 2021 at the British Library. The organizers displayed the first edition of the book, some props from the film crew, the first versions of the Paddington teddy bear, the typewriter that Michael Bond created the character.

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