Overheating of maritime transport: major repercussions on large economic sectors

FOCUS – Automotive, electronics, agrifood and textiles are the sectors most affected.

● Automobile

Of the 5,000 parts that an average vehicle assembled in a car factory has, most come from all over the world. Steel, plastic, electronic components, mechanical parts, etc., are transported either by sea, the cheapest, or by train or truck. But in recent months, sea freight, so far reliable and affordable, is no longer on schedule. Above all, its price per container, in particular on the China-Europe route, has increased almost fourfold in one year.

The manufacturers fall back on the railroad, faster than the maritime transport. On the China-Europe link, they can take advantage of “New silk roads” set up by the Chinese government. Thus, it only takes twelve days to connect the Middle Kingdom to Western Europe by train, against around thirty by sea. The soaring cost of maritime transport makes rail very competitive.

The builders who have all bet on

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