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HCMCOutstanding artists Huu Danh, Xuan Quan, Dong Ho, Bao Chau … performed their art performance in front of hundreds of students.

At the conference hall of Van Lang University, they performed repertoire: welcome dance The Emperor’s Birthday Moon, three excerpts On Dinh slashed Ta, Mrs. Huyen beat jealous and Tran Binh Trong was ordained.

An excerpt from “Tran Binh Trong tuong tuong”. Video: Ngoc Yen.

Many students are excited to enjoy the traditional arts. The audience cheered in response when watching the scene of Khuong Linh Ta (Bao Chau artist) being cut off by Ta On Dinh (Dong Ho artist). Excerpt Mrs. Huyen beat jealous making viewers laugh at the situation where Mr. Huyen was caught by Mrs. Huyen and beaten on the way to Thi Hen’s house. Go to the repertoire Tran Binh Trong was ordained, The auditorium was silent, the viewers were attentive to each line, lyrics, and movements of the characters and applauded.

Trinh Chi Vi – student – touched upon lines in the play, especially the sentence “I would rather be a demon of the South than be the king of the North” by Bao Nghia King Tran Binh Trong (artist Xuan Quan plays) . Chi Vi added: “The first time I watched the opera singing and saw the investment performance was very elaborate. The old wall performance style of the artists was harmonious, harmonious in each action, gesture to nuance. When observing, I can draw from the experience for my major in acting “.

Artist Xuan Quan said he was happy to act this art form in front of students. “Although an excerpt is only about 15 – 20 minutes, we have to practice very carefully. The delegation tries to perform many works in one session so that the children can have more access to singing,” he said.

Outstanding Artist Xuan Quan in shaping the role of Tran Binh Trong.  Photo: Ngoc Yen.

Elite Artist Xuan Quan in shaping Bao Nghia King Tran Binh Trong. Image: Ngoc Yen.

The elite artist Huu Danh introduced the young features of singing, such as face makeup, symbolic estimation, literary and musical characteristics. According to him, there are two basic face colors: red and white. The red face represents good people, charismatic spirit, loyalty to the king. The white face indicates that the gods are flattering and flattering the king, harming others. In addition, there are many other colors such as the blue side that show intelligence, reckless but life. Yellow color to disguise people with kindness and compassion. The pale black paint is for people who have little education but often help others. The bearded-faced character has a mighty character, a fierce character, and extraordinary health. Therefore, makeup is considered a language that expresses character’s qualities and temperament.

Besides, singing Boi also has artistic value with estimation according to the royal court art – serving the king on stage, unlike Cai Luong – folk art, realism. The symbolism in convention is to use the concrete to describe the abstract such as: the pigeon represents peace, when crying does not need to speak, but only bends its head on the arm, and the whip is tied with five ropes. Understand that horse whip …

Outstanding artist Huu Danh (wearing vest) and artists of the Ho Chi Minh City Opera House.  Photo: Ngoc Yen.

Outstanding artist Huu Danh (wearing vest) and artists of the Ho Chi Minh City Opera House. Image: Ngoc Yen.

In addition, the artist Huu Danh also said that the literature in bumper singing was written in a contradictory way – two horses running in parallel, random even double – two opposite sentences. For example, if the first sentence is “clean connoisseur”, the following sentence must be “all things”, or two sentences: “Son of the water in a difficult way / Tinh di Nguyet di immortal” is used in the context of two Husband and wife split up so that the husband went to fight the enemy. These two sentences mean that even though the two people are separated, separated by rivers and mountains, their hearts are still facing each other, and the moon stars can be changed, but the love for water is always immortal – showing fidelity in the meaning of husband and wife. and the son to the homeland with a constant heart.

Sound is also an important factor in singing multiples. The orchestra was placed on the right side of the stage as well as on the left side of the audience. Music comes in three types: percussion, string music, and air music. Percussion music includes all kinds of fighting drums, fighting drums … and gongs. Stringed musical instruments are concave keyboards, flute, stork, chili … And music is a bit of a trumpet, flute, pepper …

The exchange is in the program School stage Directed by the Department of Culture and Sports, Ho Chi Minh City Theater and Singing Arts in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, Theater and Cinema, Van Lang University held. The event aims to create a playground for students, helping to preserve and introduce singing to young people.

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