Only every 11th shot sits at VfB Stuttgart Matarazzo calls for greed

VfB have plenty of chances, but the ball rarely lands in the goal. Is that why the rescue fails in the end?

In the last two games against Dortmund (0:2) and Bielefeld (1:1), VfB had a whopping 28 shots on goal and almost a dozen great chances. The record: a converted penalty – nothing else.

Stuttgart coach Pellegrino Matarazzo (44) calls for more goal hunger: “Bile is important. Just like the greed of wanting to score goals. Soccer is all about scoring goals. We need a different focus and a different determination on the opportunities.”

The good thing: VfB have had 373 shots on goal this season (13 per game). Much more than Keller’s competitors Hertha BSC (316), Bielefeld (308), Fürth (275) and Augsburg (327).

But only every eleventh shot on goal ends up in the net. In the pre-season, it had rattled after every eighth degree.

The exploitation of great opportunities is alarming. Here, VfB used only 42 percent – only Bielefeld sloppy even more (33 percent).

Remarkable: The meaningful number of “expected goals” (dt: expected goals) at VfB is 42.6. That means: based on the number and quality of the chances, 43 goals this season would be logical – instead of the current 36.

Stuttgart’s storm legend Hansi Müller (64) to BILD: “Even if the goals from the game were missing recently – I’m still confident. Because in contrast to an earlier phase of the season, the team is now playing out really good chances. It would only be fatal if the players lost faith in themselves given the opportunities they were given.”


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