Olympic heroines – “Let’s first set a world record …”

Lisa Brennauer (33) has had an incredible year. The Olympic victory in the track four-wheeler was followed by the World Championship and European Championship titles in the team and in the single pursuit.

The BILD interview with the gold cyclist from Kempten im Allgäu.

BILD: Five gold medals in the world’s largest competitions within two and a half months. It must be like a dream …

Brennauer: “It was an amazing year that can hardly be topped. I didn’t expect that in Constance. “

BILD: How do you explain this triumphant advance?

Brennauer: “I am experienced, had already had two Olympics and knew that the shot in the head can backfire if you only focus on the Olympics. So I needed a two-week break during the season, completely without a bike. I took care of my apprenticeship as a clerk for office management. That was the way to prepare myself super for the Olympics. “

BILD: A break without a bike in the season is unusual.

Brennauer: “But I needed them physically as well as for my head because there was no further break in sight. I wanted to be good in autumn too. “

BILD: At the Olympics, there were initially sixth place on the street twice. Did you have doubts about yourself?

Brennauer: “I knew it would be difficult to get into the front. But on paper the chance on the track was greater, even if we didn’t have track races for a year and a half because of Corona. We didn’t know who was going and how. That is very difficult because I always need confirmation of where I stand in comparison to the others. “

Three world records within 24 hours and Olympic gold in Tokyo: the German women’s track cycling fourPhoto: WITTERS

IMAGE: In the foursome, however, there was gold with three world records within 24 hours. How amazed are you about your team?

Brennauer: “The foursome ran well in training in front of Tokyo, but then Gudrun Stock dropped out due to illness. That was also a setback for us emotionally. Mieke Kröger came in, who wasn’t even at the 2020 World Cup in Berlin. It wasn’t safe because no one knew how in good shape she was. But in training you quickly saw: that fits. “

BILD: You are the most experienced. How did you commit the quartet?

Brennauer: “We sat together the evening before qualifying. We knew the world record was there. I said to the girls: let’s set a world record first, then we’ll have achieved something. Maybe that will bring us to the final. Then we continued playing cards. “

BILD: Was the first world record run perfect?

Brennauer: “Not at all. The big bonus of the world record was that we only had to race against the fourth in the qualifying in the semifinals. That was reassuring. However, we only had 90 minutes until the final. We were happy that we already had a medal. We sat together again and I said: I can do more. That’s what the others said about themselves. With this energy we are in the final. “

BILD: Do you still have the gold run in your head?

Brennauer: “I remember clenching my fist and yelling after the finish line and the men and supervisors standing by the gang and cheering. This is the first moment that comes to mind. Until the award ceremony, however, I am missing a piece of memory. But then I wanted to get on the podium very quickly, too quickly. “

BILD: What do you mean?

Brennauer: “It wasn’t our turn yet, one leg was already up. Then the girls pulled me back. Just happened (laughs). “

BILD: How annoyed you are that you don’t have six gold medals because one of them is not Olympic?

Brennauer: “I would have been really happy if he had been on the program. I would have had great chances there too. But that’s the way it is. “

BILD: How often have you seen your gold run?

Brennauer: “Very often, in different languages. Very interesting! By the way, that was the perfect run. “

BILD: Because of Corona, the Olympics were different than usual, without the big party. How did you celebrate?

Brennauer: “We went straight to the gym, without a shower. We could only freshen up briefly. Then we went to the Olympic Village, where we slept one night, since we actually lived 120 kilometers away in Izu. Then we could finally take a shower. We then only did one lap through the village, that was all there was to it. “

Olympic champion, world champion, European champion and team of the year in Germany: the women's track cycling four with (from left) Lisa Brennauer, Mieke Kröger, Lisa Klein, Franziska Brausse and substitute rider

Olympic champion, world champion, European champion and team of the year in Germany: the women’s track cycling foursome with (from left) Lisa Brennauer, Mieke Kröger, Lisa Klein, Franziska Brauße and substitute rider Laura SüßemlichPhoto: ddp / Sven Simon

BILD: How do you motivate yourself for the EM and World Cup just weeks later?

Brennauer: “Everything that comes now is an encore. That was the attitude. We didn’t put ourselves under pressure because we had Olympic gold. It was nice that Laura Süßemilch was there after just sitting in the stands in Tokyo. Unfortunately Lisa Klein was injured. “

BILD: Have you already realized gold five times?

Brennauer: “It has now leaked. The triple Olympia, WM, EM in one year is something very special. And it is particularly nice that the competition comes from within our own ranks and that we have a full podium at the World Cup. This year everything came together. Each of the five golds has a great value. Olympic gold cannot of course be topped because you always remain an Olympic champion. That is what makes this medal so incredibly valuable, especially on an emotional level. “

BILD: You are 33 years old and have achieved everything. What is left for 2022?

Brennauer: “In any case, I will still drive. But setting goals is difficult, because it won’t get any better than this year. These are successes that have overwhelmed me. But Tour de France or the European Championships in my home country, we’ll see. “


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