Olympia 2022: Silver in the team: Alpine boss didn’t want a medal at all

It was a medal that Alpine Director Wolfgang Maier (61) actually no longer wanted…

At the end of the Olympic Games, the alpine skiers Lena Dürr (30), Emma Aicher (18), Linus Straßer (29), Alexander Schmid (27) and reserve skier Julian Rauchfuss (27) won silver in the mixed team event behind Austria. The first Olympic medal in eight years.

The competition was postponed by one day due to storm. When the catch-up date was discussed after the cancellation on Saturday, Maier explained: “The enthusiasm, including among the teams, is close to zero. Because everyone has had enough now and wants to get out of here.” If he had his way, the race would have been canceled completely.

Wolfgang Maier is Alpine Director at the German Ski Association Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa

Luckily, his athletes saw things differently. Schmid after second place: “We said right away, we’re really looking forward to the team event, so we’ll tear everything out.” Because up to then, the Alpines in Yanqing had come away completely empty-handed. Schmid, who was eliminated in the giant slalom: “It wasn’t easy because you felt some pressure, but we just mastered it brilliantly.”

And after second place was secured and Germany eliminated vice world champion Sweden and Olympic champion Switzerland, Maier was also happy: “Of course we are very happy about the silver medal.”

Because he, too, really wanted to win a medal in China: “We tried again and again in the two weeks to get this medal, but we just missed out on one or the other race. It’s like justice and a certain redemption that we’re flying home with a medal. All’s well that ends well.”


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