Olympia 2022: Kamila Valieva and grandpa’s glass – and other doping excuses

“Yes, I doped!”

These four words seem unpronounceable for professional athletes.

Instead, they come up with the craziest excuses to explain a positive doping test.

The latest example: The lawyer for figure skating prodigy Kamila Valieva (15/Russia) claimed that the trimetazidine found in her blood had been transmitted through a glass. First her grandfather would have drunk from that, then Kamila. The grandfather has heart problems and therefore has to take trimetazidine.

Even Russian experts and journalists do not believe the number.

After all – with the statement, the Valieva clan has perpetuated itself in the hit list of the craziest excuses for doping.

BILD shows Valieva’s predecessor.


★ Canada pole vaulter Shawn Barber (27) tested positive in 2016. His explanation: he had sex with a prostitute the night before the test, and the cocaine got into his body through the kissing. By the way, Barber is openly gay today.

★ Tennis player Richard Gasquet (35) was also unlucky with kisses. After two vodka apple juices and a steamy flirtation with a woman named Pamela, the Frenchman tested positive in 2010.

★ Football Paolo Guerrero (38) drank from a cup in which coca tea had previously been served in a hotel in his native Peru in 2017. Apparently the staff forgot to flush them.

★ Professional cyclist Gilberto Simoni (50), who tested positive in 2002, had very similar bad luck. Excuse: Candies from Peru wrapped in coca leaves.


★ Mountain bike rider Ivonne Kraft (51) stated in 2007 that her mother’s inhaler had exploded next to her. You inhaled the cloud.

★ With Frank Vandenbroucke († 34), the dog suffered from asthma. At least that’s how the Belgian professional cyclist explained the discovery of anabolic steroids and Epo in his house in 2022.


★ Track and field athlete Dennis Mitchell (55) explained his increased value in 1998 as follows: “I drank five beers and had sex with a woman four times. It was the lady’s birthday, she deserved something special.”

Professional cyclist Christian Henn (58) really wanted to be a father. Because that didn’t work, in 1999 he drank a special tea made by his parents-in-law. Consequence: increased testosterone value. After all: Henn’s desire to have children was fulfilled.

★ His colleague Floyd Llandis (46/USA) also had an excuse ready in 2006: “I drank too much beer and whiskey.”

★ Same year, same findings, different excuse. Track and field athlete Justin Gatlin (40) blamed his masseur. The Ami: “He massaged the stuff over my butt.”

Justin GatlinPhoto: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP


★ Germany’s best-known excuse: Unknown people injected the substance into the toothpaste of long-distance runner Dieter Baumann (57) in 1999. By the way, many experts believed this explanation.

Sprinter Linford Christie (61) attributed his increased value in 1999 to the consumption of avocados. However, the Brit would have had to eat around a ton of it to declare its value.


★ Therese Johaug (33), who has won two gold medals in cross-country skiing in Beijing, treated a sunburn on her lower lip in 2016 – and suddenly the steroid clostebol was found in the Norwegian’s body.

In 1992, swimmer Astrid Strauss (53) attributed her increased epitestosterone quotient to enjoying “excessive amounts of strawberry punch”.

Gold in Beijing – without any sunburn on her lower lip: Therese Johaug

Gold in Beijing – without any sunburn on her lower lip: Therese Johaug Photo: Getty Images

The wife of professional cyclist Raimondas Rumsas (50) was stopped during the 2002 Tour with a car full of stimulants. Explanation: Everything for the Lithuanian’s sick mother-in-law.

★ Tennis player Sara Errani (34/Italy) was banned in 2017 for doping. Explanation: While cooking tortellini, her mother’s breast cancer drug fell into the pot.


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