Olympia 2021 Tokyo athletics: long jump world champion Malaika Mihambo starts

A swimmer who doesn’t swim in training? A shooter who doesn’t shoot? A boxer who doesn’t box? Inconceivably. But there is a long jumper who doesn’t jump. And that in the week before the most important competition of her career.

Malaika Mihambo (27) will start qualifying for the Olympic Games on Sunday. It will be her first jumps since last Monday. The world champion on BILD am SONNTAG: “In Tokyo, I only trained in the Olympic Village. So I avoid buses and don’t have to stand in lines. In view of the corona numbers, you are already thinking about how to do training and when. “

But what can you train in a village that doesn’t have a long jump facility? The world champion of 2019: “In the weight room on the barbell, otherwise heightening runs over 30 and 50 meters, all without spikes. You don’t need a lot. A curb can be tempting to put the body under tension. “

Incidentally, the Heidelberg resident also refrains from long jump training six days before other major competitions.

The reasons: “Otherwise I get tired quickly and you want to be fit when things get serious. What you don’t have in your legs now, you can’t catch up anyway. “

The German champion will also start in Tokyo in her very tight competition outfit. Starting in long clothes like the German gymnasts would not be for them. But she emphasizes: “The sex appeal of women athletes shouldn’t be in the foreground, but sport. My outfit gives me that competitive feeling. But I think the gymnasts’ action is good. “

In general, everyone should be able to wear what they want: “Sanctions against clothing violations are no longer appropriate in the 21st century,” says Mihambo.

She has not yet seen herself exposed to sexist comments: “In general, not just in sports, skimpy clothing should not be an invitation for sexism of any kind,” she explains.

Incidentally, Mihambo is currently only number 10 on the world’s best list. She has not jumped over seven meters under regular conditions this year. But she is optimistic: “I enjoy the sport and I am not affected by any expectations that I supposedly have to meet. The unshakable belief in me has even grown in the end. ”


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