Olympia 2021: The flood destroyed the home stretch of gold canoeist Funk

BILD on the day of her gold on the destroyed house track of Ricarda Funk (29) in the flood area.

A muddy stream full of stones and rubbish. Torn trees, cars washed away, destroyed houses, impassable bridges. Just 200 meters away, the flood killed twelve people with disabilities. Ricarda’s former home route on the Ahr in Sinzig.

There is no longer any sign of the fact that she laid the foundation stone for her gold medal here.

Father Thorsten Funk (59), who looked after Ricarda for years as a youth coach up to U23, stands on the bank. Still shocked, he looks at the Ahr, says: “Ricarda trained here for many years, including this spring. The route has been fundamentally destroyed, there is almost nothing left. With the destruction of this route, there is also a certain cut in life. “

Gold dad Thorsten Funk stands on a bridge, points to the Ahr, on which Ricarda used to trainPhoto: Jörg Halisch

Ricarda’s family got away without damage in the neighboring town of Bad Breisig. Funk: “Fortunately, nothing happened to us. We are only about three kilometers from the disaster area, but it didn’t even rain properly here. “

The family followed the Olympic triumph at the public viewing breakfast with the neighbors, and there was also positive feedback from the crisis region.

Funk: “We have to assume – and that’s right – that the people who are here in the flood zone and who are directly affected by it have other things on their minds than the Olympics. Nevertheless, the gold medal finally has a positive message and shines a little in this pile of dirt and rubble. “


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