Olympia 2021: Germany missed the start against Brazil

OH, OH, Olympia!

Germany loses at the beginning of the Olympics against defending champions Brazil 2: 4. In Yokohama it looks like it’s going to be a YokoDRAMA for a long time. In the same stadium in which Germany messed up the World Cup title against Brazil in 2002 (0-2 in the final), the team missed the start completely.

7th minute: Pieper loses sight of Richarlison. Müller lets his shot ricochet forward, the second attempt sits – 0: 1.

22nd minute: Arnold can’t keep up with Arana. Richarlison heads the flank completely unhindered from five meters into the goal – 0: 2.

29th minute: Again, the German defense is completely unsorted. Richarlison flicks the ball into the right corner this time. Hat trick perfect – 0: 3.

Trainer Stefan Kuntz (58) yells: “That’s too easy!” That’s right! Shortly before the break, there are also penalties (Henrichs handball). But Cunha fails to Müller (45th + 1).

Germany is sleeping, the defense is completely overwhelmed. And viewers can’t wake up either. In the empty stadium there is only canned mood. A monotonous fan noise from the speakers.

After the break, Brazil shifts down a gear. Amiri takes a rebound volley, scores 1: 3 (57th). Then captain Maxi Arnold (27) flies off the pitch with yellow and red. And Germany is waking up a bit.

83rd minute: Space flanks, the substitute Ache heads the 2: 3 in.

Tension? Only briefly!

90th minute: Paulinho uses a counterattack, the 2: 4 thunders into the gate.

Striker Max Kruse (33) before the opening game: “Anything other than the gold medal is not our goal.” But this performance was total brass.

Nevertheless, Germany can still dream. To do this, you have to win against Saudi Arabia (Sunday) and Ivory Coast (Wednesday). Second place is also enough for the quarter-finals.


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