Olympia 2021: Florian Wellbrock wins first swimming gold in 13 years

This time he got EVERYONE wet!

Florian Wellbrock (23) took bronze in the 1500 meter freestyle GOLD over the marathon distance of 10 kilometers. Wellbrock, our king of the waves!

For the German Swimming Association, it is the first Olympic victory since Britta Steffen’s successes in Beijing 13 years ago.

Wellbrock proudly on ZDF: “In the first few laps the first ones had to let go, I hadn’t really worked yet. For me personally, it’s a bit like my summer fairy tale today. “

Wellbrock leads the race in the open water of Tokyo for a long time – and takes a decisive lead on the last kilometer!

Wellbrock: “It makes sense to save energy at the beginning of a marathon race like this, but I actually did that. I went around the first buoy on the first lap, looked around and thought: guys, don’t you want to swim a competition today? I think many were intimidated by the water temperature. I’ve noticed during training over the past few days that it won’t be a problem for me at the beginning. In the end it got very warm. If I had to swim 100 meters more, it would have been tight. I left the last rations because then there is a lot of liquid missing. But that I got through so well, finally with my sprint, which I pulled out for a long time, surprised me. “

At the finish, after 1:48:33 hours, he has a huge lead of a good 25 seconds over the Hungarian Kristof Rasovszky. Bronze went to the Italian Gregorio Paltrinieri.

In the pool, Wellbrock had come away empty-handed over 800 meters freestyle (4th place), over 1500 meters he had won bronze.

Now the gold explosion in the waves of the Odaiba Marine Park!

Wellbrock: “I don’t even know what it means to me. First of all, it’s an incredibly cool feeling to say: I’m an Olympic champion. Even if I look at the course of the competitions that I have improved from time to time, got stronger and stronger – that gives so much self-confidence and motivation for the years to come. “


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