Olympia 2021: “Everything was missing”! Hockey women fail in Argentina

Sadness, sadness – and a huge sea of ​​tears!

The Olympic tournament is over for our hockey women. The knockout in the quarterfinals against Argentina – 0: 3 (0: 2). Get out without applause!

“Everything was missing, the courage, the conviction. Perhaps there was a lack of nervousness and tension. It is a day that one would like to erase from memory, ”says attacker Lisa Altenburg (31, Hamburg), who ends her international career in tears. “We knew it was going to be really, really difficult. But it was not to be expected that we would stand next to them with so much. “

A collective blackout against the “Las Leonas”, for which Albertarrio (27th), Granatto (29th) and Raposa Ruiz (52nd) scored. The lionesses were more snappy, grippier, faster – they took the “final” for the semifinals from the start. The “Danas” wanted to have learned from the preliminary round defeat against the Netherlands (1: 3) and presented themselves differently against the “Las Leonas”. But it got worse: no courage, no confidence, stumbled penalty corners – paired with fear, respect and technical deficits.

“It will take a while to digest this disappointment,” says national coach Xavier Reckinger, who will attack in Paris in 2024 with a different squad. The collective Ko – Reckinger wants to go with the analysis only after returning.

His players quickly became apparent. “Argentina looked at us well and quickly pulled our teeth. I had the feeling that we quickly lacked faith in victory. Despair could be seen in many faces early on, ”said Franziska Hauke ​​(31, Hamburg), whose brother Tobias is fighting Australia for the final on Tuesday against Australia (2.30 am).

For Sissy Hauke, too, Argentina was the end of the “Danas”. After bronze in Rio, she fought her way into the team for Tokyo.

“Five years ago I would never have thought that I would be standing here today,” she says with wet eyes. “Today I played my last game for Germany and I never thought it would be today. We came here to get a medal. We had the potential, but we didn’t bring it to the record. It hurts more than if you can’t achieve your best performance. “

The younger Hauke ​​sister is confident that her brother will be more successful. Sissy: “Unlike us, they learned from the setbacks in the tournament and performed as a team. If they survive the game against Australia, the toughest chunks, then they’ll win gold too. My brother can push it forward with his winning mentality. “


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