Olympia 2021:! Dressage team takes 2nd gold – despite horse droppings

Gold! Gold! Gold!

At 10:13 p.m. local time it was time in the Equestrian Park in Tokyo.

When Jessica von Bredow-Werndl (35, Aubenhausen) stopped in the dressage arena with her 14-year-old mare Dalera after 6:40 minutes and said hello, there was no stopping them!

Ladies dynamite! Explosion of emotions! The German dressage team won the Olympic medal, which was previously considered safe. While Jessica von Bredow-Werndl was the last of the 24 participants to ride the Grand Prix Special, her colleagues Dorothee Schneider (52, Framersheim) and Isabell Werth (52, Rheinberg) trembled after their work.

On von Bredow-Werndl, whose husband Max and father Klaus were on the spot, there was pressure to ride the gold home for Germany. “Gold is expected from us,” the German champion said before the games in Japan in an interview with BILD on Sunday.

The pressure, the expectation – the young mom (son Moritz / 3 watched it at home on TV) was very cool with it. They showed the best ride of all participants (84.618%)! Passed stress test, won gold! Before the US and UK.

She kept calm, even when her mare relieved herself and fidgeted before the 15 single changes!

In the warm-up area, she jumped from her horse and into her husband’s arms, tears of joy rolled down.

Dorothee Schneider had previously prepared for Showtime (80.608 percentage points) and Isabell Werth for Bella Rose (83.298%) and laid out the red carpet for gold.

Despite a mistake, Schneider could hardly believe her luck. “That was a goose bump feeling. I am so proud of my horse, ”she said with wet eyes. That she could ride in Tokyo at all is a small miracle. In April Schneider had a bad fall at an awards ceremony after her mare Fohlenhofs Rock’n Rose collapsed under her and died. Schneider broke his ribs and collarbone. The attending physician in Frankfurt, Prof. Reinhard Hoffmann, advised against an operation – too risky. Training ban! It was only possible three weeks later – but only with a special vest. At the end of the agony, there is now team gold, the second after 2016 for the couple. As a reward, “Showi got a lot of bananas, of course,” revealed Schneider, visibly moved. “I’m an emotional person and I’m just overwhelmed. It was not foreseeable that I would run down riding here. All the greater is my thanks to those who helped me. ”Physios, osteopaths, doctors – and husband Jobst, who left on site. “I couldn’t watch the ride again, I was too nervous,” he revealed to BILD. “Instead, I looked at the architecture on the layout and captured the lucky charm.” A small horseshoe in his pants.

As the second German, the now seven-time Olympic champion Isabell Werth reeled off the lessons on her favorite horse Bella Rose in an impressive manner – 83.298 percent.

“That was perfect. A pleasure with a lot of highlights ”, enthused national coach Monica Theodorescu (58). “But I would have thought that it would be two percentage points more.”

Werth, too, was not satisfied with the seven-person jury. “I’ve been in sports long enough. It is like it is. But I don’t know what else to do? It was one of Bella’s best specials, an all-round successful test. She deserved more, ”says Werth, who rode to the sound of the“ Ode to Joy ”European anthem).

For Werth it was the seventh Olympic gold – and a special one!

“It is absolutely special to be able to fulfill my dream of Olympia with Bella Rose and to be able to live it. That makes me a little speechless ”, says the seldom calm Werth, who can catch up with the German record Olympic champion Birgit Fischer (59, eight gold medals) on Wednesday.

Then the freestyle is about the individual title. Werth: “We will fight.”


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