Nübel dispute with Salihamidzic – Flick: “I will not allow myself to be talked into the line-up!”

Manuel Neuer (34) was missing from the final training session before the Bayern game. Is Hansi Flick (56) letting number 2 Alexander Nübel (24) play again? Flick emphasized that that had not yet been decided, Neuer had a cold and trained inside.

But when asked by BILD, Flick made one thing very clear: he alone decides who plays!

Flick on the question of whether he was aware of a clause in the Nübel contract: “No, I don’t know any clauses that players have in their contracts, I don’t know the players’ contracts. It is also the case that I am there to Making decisions about who plays and who doesn’t. That’s my job and I don’t let myself be persuaded! “

At Flick, Neuer is almost always set as number 1Photo: Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

Has he ever been told that Nübel should play so many games? Flick: “No!”

A clear announcement – recently there had been a lot of fuss about Nübel’s playing times, allegedly the ex-Schalke should have been guaranteed a certain number of around 10 games when he signed Bayern. So far, Nübel has only played two competitive games …

According to BILD information, the Nübel topic was already causing trouble between Flick and Salihamidzic. The sports director is responsible for Nübel’s commitment, Flick had recently made it clear that he continues to rely fully on Manuel Neuer (34) in goal.

Nübels advisor recently spoke of a possible loan in the summer, should the deployment times continue to be so short …


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