“No marching through”: Allofs cashes in Fortuna’s fantasies of advancement!

Today Fortuna finally has to show her colors! For weeks, those responsible have refused to formulate an official season goal. Always with the note that the roster is not yet complete.

He is now. However, whether newcomer Kristoffer Peterson (25), who signed on at the last minute yesterday, is the savior and has completely mixed up the basic goals – more than questionable …

The fact is: After the two, sometimes frightening, bankruptcies in Hamburg (1: 2) and Kiel (1: 2), as well as the Zitter win against newly promoted Würzburg (1: 0), disillusionment set in after only three game days.

One of the people who realized the seriousness of the situation incredibly quickly is new board member Klaus Allofs (63).

He’s only just been with Fortuna for a week – but when asked by BILD he analyzed the situation more than realistically: “You can say one thing after the game in Kiel and the way we played: We can’t go through! Anyone who expected this has assessed the situation completely wrong. You can see that it is difficult to get points in the second division. “

Allofs collects ascension fantasies!

The board continues: “The team must grow together. Some still have to improve. And when we have officially named a season goal: Maybe we have to change that again in a few weeks – for the better or for the negative. “

BILD thinks: At the moment, the season goal of “single-digit table position” would be realistic – if you think really positively at Fortuna …


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