No dismantling of the Lagardère group until 2026

Arnaud Lagardère, Bernard Arnault, Vincent Bolloré and the Amber fund should reach an agreement on the future of the Lagardère group.

Are we moving towards an agreement on the future of the Lagardère group? Most likely, as the magazine revealed Point this Saturday.

Thanks to the good offices of Nicolas Sarkozy, member of the board of directors of the Lagardère group, an agreement is in the process of being found between the various shareholders “in war»For a year now. This agreement should modify the capital structure of the group but above all avoid any dismantling for 5 years.

Arnaud Lagardère and Bernard Arnault, the two shareholders of the limited partnership which protected the power of Arnaud Lagardère will disappear. In compensation, Arnaud Lagardère will receive shares from the Lagardère group and a little cash to repay his personal debts. He will therefore become one of the major shareholders of the Lagardère group with nearly 12%. Just like Bernard Arnault. Within the Lagardère group, a balance is therefore emerging with the other major shareholders, Vivendi which holds 26% of the shares, the Amber Capital fund which holds 20% and Qatar which holds 13%.

Lagardère and Bolloré tied on the board of directors

All this little world will end up on a board of directors. According to our information, Arnaud Lagardère will have three representatives, including Nicolas Sarkozy. Vincent Bolloré will also have three representatives, Bernard Arnault one representative, and the Amber fund will join the board as he requested, with one representative.

Arnaud Lagardère has succeeded in forcing everyone to be appointed CEO of the Lagardère group until 2026, when he turns 66. Above all, he succeeded in maintaining the group created by his father in its current configuration with Hachette Livre, Lagardère Travel Retail and… the media Europe 1, the JDD and Paris Match.

No more speculations around a dismantling. But for this Vincent Bolloré must agree to abandon his views on Hachette Livre and Europe 1. And Bernard Arnault must also agree to give up getting his hands on the JDD and Paris Match. A pill difficult to accept for Bernard Arnault.

This sticking point could still call into question the final agreement which is scheduled for the beginning of next week. If there is agreement, it could be ratified by the general meeting of the Lagardère group convened on June 14.

The group, shaken by shareholder quarrels for more than a year now, could gain a 5-year respite. Time for Lagardère Travel retail, the group’s second business, to recover with the end of the Covid crisis.


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