Ngoc Son visits his mother’s grave

Singer Ngoc Son and his colleagues from Ho Chi Minh City returned to Ba Ria – Vung Tau to burn incense for his mother and review the anniversary of her first anniversary.

He took advantage of returning to his hometown to burn his mother’s hometown a few days before his death anniversary. The artist said the most meaningful thing he could do was bring his mother back to lie next to his father’s grave. The singer said: “I want my mother to always be by my side, the two of you to keep me company, will not be sad or lonely”. Visiting the singer’s mother also had colleagues such as Chau Thanh, Hoang Chau, Duong Ngoc Thai, Luong Gia Huy, Quach Tuan Du…

Ngoc Son visited his mother’s grave on June 30 in Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Image: Characters provided

Ngoc Son’s mother – Mrs. Kim Loan – passed away due to old age and weakness a year ago. At that time, Ngoc Son was isolated in Ho Chi Minh City due to being related to a Covid-19 case, unable to return to mourn. Ngoc Hai’s younger brother took care of the funeral for him. Up to now, the artist said that sadness and regret have not subsided.

Ngoc Son said he inherited the strong will from his parents. Ngoc Son’s parents – Mr. Pham Ngoc Thanh and Ms. Pham Thi Kim Loan are both excellent teachers and veterans. At the time of her mother’s death, Ngoc Son was in shock, locked his phone, closed his social networking site, and stopped performing. It took a few months for him to stabilize his life and work thanks to his mother’s advice. During her life, her mother advised Ngoc Son to be an artist, in any situation she had to revive her spirit to return to the stage.

Ngoc Son knelt to burn incense for his mother.  Photo: Palace character

Ngoc Son knelt to burn incense for his mother. Image: Characters provided

When she misses her mother, Ngoc Son listens again Womb – The song that was written for her, was born in the early stage of his singing path. Ngoc Son lives in Ho Chi Minh City, his younger brother takes care of his parents’ grave in the countryside. On weekends, without running shows and avoiding business problems, he often goes home to visit his parents. During her lifetime, Mrs. Kim Loan once commented on her son: “Ngoc Son from childhood to adulthood was very gentle, never raised his voice to anyone, was a filial son, always behaved righteously. I acted on behalf of my parents to take care of my sisters wherever they go”.

Ngoc Son sings 'Mother's Heart 2'

Singer Ngoc Son sings “Mother’s Heart 2” – a song composed by him – on stage in 2019. Video: Characters provided

Ngoc Son once handed over all the money and bank cards to his mother to keep. When his mother was seriously ill, he poured money into her treatment. In early 2020, he took her to the US to treat a tumor in her neck, the hospital fee was more than 10,000 USD (232 million VND) per day because she did not have insurance. Seeing that her mother’s condition was not good, Ngoc Son took her home to take care of her. He was standing by the hospital bed, chatting, helping his mother to improve her spirits, helping her learn to walk because of being in a wheelchair for a long time.

The singer remembers her mother’s advice, performing arts activities in parallel to maintain volunteer work. He said: “I always try to do everything well so that my dead parents can still be proud.”

Ngoc Son was born on November 26, 1968 in Hai Phong. In 1987, he moved with his family to Ho Chi Minh City and studied at the School of Dramatic Art. Two years later, he switched to studying folk music and entered the professional singing path. He is remembered by the audience through his songs Mother’s Heart, Anger, Missing You, Father’s Love, Lonely Moon

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