Ngoc Chau: ‘I was crowned thanks to a comfortable mentality’

Ho Chi Minh CityMiss Universe Vietnam 2022 – Ngoc Chau – said she did not feel pressure before going on the final stage, comfortable in the competitions.

The new Miss quickly interacted with the media after being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, on the evening of June 25. She said she still can’t believe that she has reached the crown of the contest after more than three months, overcoming many challenges.

Ngoc Chau’s coronation moment. Video: VTV

Ngoc Chau said the factor that helped her to win the coronation was keeping a comfortable mentality. Backstage, she no longer thinks too much about having to win the crown. Thanks to that, she released all the pressure, acted like the last time standing on stage, confident in the competitions.

Ngoc Chau at the press conference after the coronation.  Photo: Thanh Hue

Ngoc Chau at the press conference after the coronation. Image: Thanh Hue

The beauty talked about how she used to meet the public before coming to the contest. She registered for Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 because she wanted to overcome the safe zone, to become stronger and more brave.

Ngoc Chau received a question about her boyfriend, her views on love from a reporter. She said: “Love really makes our lives more fresh. I have no clear criteria for choosing a boyfriend. As long as that person understands and supports me in my work, it is enough.”

Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 said she will spend 70% of the prize money to charity, implementing projects on health care and education for children, and supporting children who have lost their parents after Covid-19. The rest she uses to change and improve herself.

Ngoc Chau’s victory received the approval of many viewers. When the MC announced the winner’s name, the auditorium received loud cheers. On June 25, before the final took place, VnExpress There was a survey of crowned candidates, Ngoc Chau dominated the number of votes – 536 votes out of a total of 1,905 people voted.

Mr. Tran Viet Bao Hoang – Deputy Organizing Committee of the contest – affirmed that the Top 3 results this year are completely deserved. The three beauties have conquered the majority of the audience with their maturity in beauty, confidence, bravery, and outstanding foreign language skills.

Ngoc Chau: 'I am no longer a child'

Ngoc Chau talked about the preparation process before coming to the competition. Video: Tan Cao

Ngoc Chau left a mark from the beginning of the contest. She received a golden ticket from the judges, straight into the Top 71. During nine reality TV episodes, she continuously entered the Top 10, the Top 3 excellent contestants. The beauty won the sub- award “Best Body”, “Environmental Ambassador” in the “Beauty of bravery” contest, announced at the semi-final night, June 21.

She was born in 1994, from Tay Ninh. Ngoc Chau was the champion of Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2016, was crowned Miss Supranational Vietnam 2018, then competed at Miss Supranational 2019, entered the Top 10 finalists and won the title of Miss Supranational Asia.

1st runner-up Thao Nhi Le.  Photo: Thanh Hue

1st runner-up Le Thao Nhi. Image: Thanh Hue

Le Thao Nhi was moved to say that she did not think at the age of 27 there would be a meaningful moment, becoming the runner-up. She said that thanks to the contest, she overcame many fears. The beauty commented that Ngoc Chau’s victory was deserved. “I still have many weaknesses to improve. I think I will be better next year, bringing pride to Vietnam when competing internationally,” she said.

The beauty was born in 1994, lives in Ho Chi Minh City. She has been paged twice TC Candler ranked in the top “100 most beautiful faces in the world” in 2020, 2021. Before the final night, Thao Nhi Le won the sub-award award “Best English Skill”, having been in the Top 10 excellent reality TV shows many times. , was chosen by designer Le Ngoc Lam to perform a vedette at a fashion competition night.

2nd runner-up Thuy Tien.  Photo: Thanh Hue

2nd runner-up Thuy Tien. Image: Thanh Hue

Huynh Pham Thuy Tien believes that the upcoming journey with the two seniors will have many interesting things. She promised to improve more so as not to betray the trust of the judges and the audience.

She was born in 1998, from Dong Thap. The beauty is currently a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Economic Relations. In 2018, she was crowned Miss Charming Foreign Trade Ho Chi Minh City. In the same year, she competed in Miss Vietnam, won the title of “Sports Beauty” and entered the Top 10. In Miss Universe Vietnam, the contestant brought a story of her efforts to lose weight from 90 kg to 57 kg. Thuy Tien made her mark by winning the first episode of reality TV. She was also selected as “Tourism Ambassador” for the contest “Beauty of bravery”.

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