Ngo Manh Dat has liver cancer

Hong Kong actor Ngo Manh Dat, “golden actor” of Chau Tinh Tri, has liver cancer, is currently weak.

On Appledaily On the afternoon of February 22, actor and producer Dien Khai Van – head of the Hong Kong filmmaker’s association – revealed that Manh Dat is going to have chemotherapy. “He is very weak, can not talk, can only raise his hand to signal,” Dien Khai Van said. Manh Dat was diagnosed with cancer late last year.

Actor Ngo Manh Dat. Image: HK01.

Amateurs’ wife – Mrs. Hau Sam Yen – stayed in the hospital to take care of her husband. Manh Dat’s children are far away and are returning to Hong Kong to take care of their father. After finding out that he was sick, Ngo Manh Dat participated in a number of television programs and film posters.

Dien Khai Van has co-starred in many films with Ngo Manh Dat and Chau Tinh Tri, including Shaolin Football Team, Comedy King, Quan Xam Cup, King of Eggs… Manh Dat is often called by the audience as Chu Dat – the name of his character in comedies.

Ngo Manh Dat and Chau Tinh Tri in "Holy Card"

Ngo Manh Dat and Chau Tinh Tri in “Thanh Bai”. Video: Golden Harvest.

Because of his illness, in recent years, Ngo Manh Dat has only played a guest role in some film productions such as Save the globe, Tan O Long Institute 2018. In a program broadcast on Zhejiang radio on February 11, Ngo Manh Dat said he felt increasingly distant from the audience. “When the night is quiet, I think maybe I have to quit my job,” said the actor. He revealed that he has made a will for his wife and children, preventing uncertainty.

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