Ngo Diep Pham goes to court

Wu Yifan – Chinese-Canadian singer – went to court for rape allegations.

Follow People’s Daily, People’s Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing opened the trial of the male singer on June 10. The trial is not open to the public because of the private life of the victim. In addition to the accusation of rape, Ngo Diep Pham was also questioned for the crime of “collective incest”. The court has not yet announced the first-instance results.

Ngo Diep Pham was arrested in July 2021, after Do My Truc – then a student at the University of Communication – accused him of being raped. Do My Truc also said Ngo Diep Pham “seduced young women to bed, including minors”. According to My Truc, the male singer used to get drunk and anesthetize the victim for rape.

Ngo Diep Pham and Do My Truc. Image: Sina

Before being arrested, on her personal page, Diep Pham denied Do My Truc’s accusations, saying she “fabricated, brazenly slandered”. Diep Pham’s manager said that Do My Truc provoked public opinion to demand a huge amount of money from the male singer.

According to the police announcement in June 2021, Do My Truc and Ngo Diep Pham first met in December 2020, the female student was called by Diep Pham’s manager to discuss the filming of the MV. However, when she arrived, she was invited to a party with the singer and about 10 other people. That night, My Truc stayed at Dic Pham’s house, the two “relationship” with each other. Before Do My Truc returned, the two saved their contact phone numbers. On December 8, 2020, Ngo Diep Pham transferred 32,000 yuan (113 million VND) to Do My Truc for her shopping.

After the noisy love affair with Ngo Diep Pham, Do My Truc dropped out of college and is now active as a beauty blogger.

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