Ngan Khanh visits the orchard with her husband’s family

NetherlandsActress Ngan Khanh visited apple, pear, blueberry … with her husband’s family on the weekend.

Ngan Khanh went out with her husband’s family. Video: Characters provided

She said: “The Netherlands in early autumn, the weather is very pleasant when the temperature is at 24-26 degrees Celsius. People plan to participate in outdoor activities a lot. My family chooses to go to the parks together. fruit garden in the ripe season”.

Covid-19 kept the actor and his wife stuck for the past three months, but it also helped them have more time to spend with their loved ones and experience many things that they never had the opportunity to do before. On weekends, her family usually drives about 30 minutes to the garden. They enjoy watching, taking pictures, picking and eating on the spot because the fruit is clean. Ngan Khanh most remembers picking blueberries in an orchard in Eindhoven city because she was accompanied by her mother-in-law. She taught her how to recognize ripe, sweet blueberries. The trip often has a few more children, so the atmosphere is always bustling, not tired. Ngan Khanh said: “This activity is the link that connects everyone in the house. To me, it has great value, helping me to always firmly believe in family feelings.”

Ngan Khanh with her mother-in-law (purple shirt) and grandchildren in the family went to pick blueberries.  Photo: Character provided

Ngan Khanh with her mother-in-law (purple shirt) and grandchildren in the family went to pick blueberries. Photo: Characters provided

Ngan Khanh’s husband is always there to support his wife and often appears in her vlogs. Ngan Khanh’s life at her husband’s house went smoothly. She feels lucky because her mother-in-law is good at cooking and psychologically, so she hardly has to go to the kitchen. She said that when she wakes up in the morning, there is always food prepared by her, usually pho, vermicelli, duck vermicelli, chicken porridge, banh chung, Vietnamese bread. After finishing the meal, Ngan Khanh took advantage of the work on the computer. In the afternoon, she helps her mother prepare dinner, then the whole family gathers to play games and watch movies.

Ngan Khanh also discovered the city of Delft for the first time – a famous tourist destination in the Netherlands. She experienced catching oysters, blood cockles, going fishing with her father-in-law, and eating sashimi on the spot. She said: “Everything is great. This is my most memorable return since being a bride.”

Ngan Khanh enjoys life in the Netherlands with her husband's family.

Ngan Khanh enjoys life in the Netherlands. Her plan to return to Vietnam in November is currently unknown because commercial flights have not yet reopened. Photo: Characters provided

Last month, Ngan Khanh celebrated her husband’s birthday for the first time. Her mother prepared a party for the whole family to gather, and her husband and sister made cakes for her. Ngan Khanh and his wife then went to the street to blow candles, drink beer together, livestream to interact with fans.

Ngan Khanh was born in 1985, from Binh Dinh, has been in the entertainment industry since 2005. She made an impression when participating in movies Call the dream about (2007), many directors noticed. Her later films include Journalism, Jealousy, Thin-winged walls, White clouds across the sky, True happiness, When in love, don’t look back, Bride of war… The last work Ngan Khanh participated in was Branded ladies, released in theaters October 2018.

She used to sing and release songs Dream maker, Confident girl, Love only you, What should I do, Sexy girl… Recently, she surprised when she returned to music through some cover videos like What a strange city, Sunny day…

Ngan Khanh cover "What city?"

Ngan Khanh covers “What’s the strange city” by 9x teacher Thai Duong. Video:Youtube Ngan Khanh Official

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