Ngan Chi movie ‘The Godfather’ welcomes the age of 10

Ngan Chi was congratulated on her 10th birthday by the crew on set, celebrating her win for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “The Godfather”.

On November 24, the actor posted many commemorative photos on Facebook, thanking everyone for their love and support.

Ngan Chi welcomed the age of 10 on the set on November 22. Photo: Characters provided

Ngan Chi is filming Devil mother, angel father by director Vu Ngoc Dang. On November 22, the delegation celebrated Ngan Chi’s early birthday to celebrate the baby winning the “Best Supporting Actress” award at the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival. Ngan Chi took a photo with actors Huy Anh and Minh Hang. Children blow candles and have a barbecue with the group. When Minh Hang asked, “What other prizes do you want?”, Ngan Chi replied: “I already have any award, just missing the Golden Apricot award.”

Ngan Chi’s mother – Tran Thi Truc Linh – said that her daughter laughed and talked all the time because she was happy. A few days ago, she went to Hue to attend a film festival with film actors Godfather. Ms. Truc Linh said: “I don’t fully understand the value of this award, but when I was able to go to Hue to play after spending time at home fighting the epidemic, on stage to receive the award, everyone praised me… that I was very happy. already”.

Tuan Tran acts with Tran Thanh in the movie "Godfather"

Ngan Chi in a movie segment “The Godfather” with Tran Thanh, Tuan Tran, was released at the beginning of the year. Videos: Videos:Tran Thanh Town.

The mother said that Ngan Chi was inherently quiet and lacked courage. After being invited by directors to act in movies, she has the opportunity to interact with many people, speak fluently and no longer be afraid of crowds. Her family discovered that she was capable of acting, so she created conditions to learn. The family does not put pressure on being famous, wants the child to learn slowly, go to acting, but learning is still the most important thing. Ngan Chi was also reminded by her family to know how to share and get along with friends.

Baby Ngan Chi takes photos with artists and guests at the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival awarding event, November 21 in Hue.  Photo: Facebook Nguyen Ngoc Ngan Chi

Baby Ngan Chi takes photos with artists and guests at the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival Awards, November 20 in Hue. Photo: Facebook Nguyen Ngoc Ngan Chi

After the gap, Ngan Chi accepted the invitation to participate in a new movie. Children are learning online, so the time is quite flexible. Ngan Chi often brings a computer to the film studio, when there is class time, she is arranged by the group to sit and listen to lectures, only to end up participating in the segment with herself.

Ngan Chi was born in 2011, is a prominent child star on the Vietnamese screen recently. Baby used to participate in movies The star teacher, Yin and yang eyes, Vu Quy riot, My wife, Sunny 3: Father’s promise, Godfather… In 2020, Ngan Chi was honored as “Promising Actor” at the Golden Kite Award.

Baby Ngan Chi plays Mother Cam in comedy skits

Baby Ngan Chi plays Cam’s mother in a comedy skit at the program “Tieu Lam Four Pillars” in 2019. Video: Vinh Long Television

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