Ngan Anh’s husband promises not to let anyone bully his wife

Ho Chi Minh CityMiss Ngan Anh burst into tears at the wedding when she heard her husband – MC To Ny – promise to protect her, not to let anyone bully her.

Ngan Anh and To Ny’s wedding took place on the evening of November 18 at a hotel in the center of District 1, with the presence of nearly 500 guests including relatives and friends.

Her husband hugged Ngan Anh when she burst into tears at the wedding.

At 7pm, the bride and groom entered the stage together to open the wine and cut the cake. The moment the two exchanged their vows made many witnesses emotional.

To Ny said that in the first days of knowing each other, he asked Ngan Anh what he was most afraid of, and she replied that she was afraid of being bullied online. Another time, he heard from his wife that a friend of his father wanted her to be his daughter-in-law. Ngan Anh used to want to listen to matchmaking because she was the type of person who always thought about her parents and lived for her family. These two stories made To Ny decide to stick with Ngan Anh. “You can rest assured from this point on, no one can bully you anymore,” To Ny told his wife.

Listening to her husband, Ngan Anh burst into tears. To Ny continued: “My dear Ngan Anh, don’t cry, beside you, you must be peaceful and happy”.

Ngan Anh said that when she saw a photo of To Ny hugging her mother on Facebook, she felt that he was a family lover and responsible. She felt protected by his kindness and warmth. The beauty said: “I have been through many stories and hidden corners… But today we are here, as husband and wife, we can do anything, as long as we do it together”. Listening to his wife’s speech, To Ny could not hide his emotion, many times raised his hand to wipe his tears.

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Families on both sides raised glasses to congratulate the two happy children.

The families of both sides raised glasses to congratulate To Ny and Ngan Anh’s happiness.

From about 5 pm, the bride and groom are present at the venue to welcome guests. Ngan Anh wears a dress studded with more than 1,000 swarovski stones imported from Austria, made by five artisans in 180 hours. The highlight is the hand-folded rose at the hip with beaded gloves and cape.

They said they have been preparing for the wedding for many months. When discussing ideas and content, Ngan Anh and her husband were in conflict. However, in the end, they agreed to hold the wedding party in a cozy style.

Ngan Anh wore a wedding dress with 1,000 swarovski stones and her husband welcomed guests before the wedding reception.

Ngan Anh wore a wedding dress with 1,000 swarovski stones and her husband welcomed guests before the wedding reception.

Ngan Anh met her husband at an MC class at the end of 2019, then To Ny was a teacher. They gave phone numbers, then texted back and forth and gradually fell in love. The relationship is supported and trusted by both families. Miss said that when she was with her husband, she felt safe and peaceful, so she was never jealous. When their feelings matured, they decided to go home together.

After getting married, Ngan Anh and To Ny want to spend about two years enjoying a married life before considering having children. They do not live with their parents. To Ny said that he respects his wife, does not force or force Ngan Anh to live according to the will of others. The beauty continues to choose a teaching path, intending to study for a doctorate.

The slander ceremony of Le Au Ngan Anh - Phan To Ny

The ritual ceremony of Le Au Ngan Anh – Phan To Ny in Ho Chi Minh City on November 1 in Ho Chi Minh City. Video:HayDay Media

Le Au Ngan Anh was born in 1995, in Tien Giang. She was crowned Miss Ocean 2017, then competed at Miss Intercontinental 2018, won 4th runner-up. The beauty graduated with a Master’s degree in International Events Management from the University of Salford, UK. She is currently the program director of Events Management – Sports Economics at Hoa Sen University, sometimes working as a TV MC.

Phan To Ny was born in 1990, five years older than her, currently an editor of HTV, director of a media company. He used to be a director, producer, content creator for programs Morning news, 60 seconds, Power of women, Class of ladies, Perspectives, The hidden corner of marriage…

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