NFL playoffs: Tom Brady out! does he stop now Rams defeat Tampa Bay

The next NFL sensation!

Sensation? No! SENSATION!

Quarterback legend Tom Brady (44) and defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers are OUT! OUT! OUT!

27:30 at home in the NFL playoffs against the Los Angeles Rams — in a real madness game!

The Rams will now meet the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game next Sunday, who surprisingly knocked out the Green Bay Packers on Saturday. Before that, the Cincinnatti Bengals sensationally knocked out the AFC No. 1 Tennessee Titans.

The big favorite quake in the NFL!

The Rams are suddenly a big favorite for the Super Bowl — taking place on February 13 at Rams Stadium in Los Angeles.

Brady out! does he stop now

Brady crackers right before the game! A resignation rumor in the US media caused a stir: Accordingly, according to “NFL Network”, the mega-star should consider whether he really wants to fulfill his contract, which runs until 2023. And allegedly he hasn’t given the Bucs a signal that he’s actually going to continue. Apparently he wants to wait and see what the sporting development of the team looks like.

Brady after the game: “They were just that tad better. Losing in the playoffs is always tough.”

Whether he comes back: “I will see it from day to day. Then I know where I stand.”

What he bases his decision on: “I haven’t thought about the next five minutes yet.”

Your opinion is asked! Should Brady quit?

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Brady down early!

First field goal, then touchdown: Kendall Blanton walks into the end zone. With an extra point, the Rams are now 10-0 in the first quarter.

Just before the end of the first quarter, the first points for Brady and the Bucs: Per field goal by Ryan Succop.

bam! Laaaaanger pass from Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp in a full sprint for the second Rams touchdown. The complete attack goes over 70 yards. Wow!

And Brady? He’s sitting on the bench and looks pretty angry. Sure, he’s now 3:17 behind…

Insane Rage Pass by Brady! He throws softly over the defender, Leonard Fournette catches the egg with one hand. Directly before that, Brady has to take a hard hit, then continues to play with a bloody lip. Angry about this action, the mega-star insults the referees and is punished for it.

The Rams keep scoring! Field goal two minutes before the end of the second quarter. 20:3.

Uiuiui, something must slowly come from Brady and Co. And what’s coming? AN INTERCEPTION! What a mistake Brady made. His transparent pass is intercepted. Very bitter…

Incomprehensible: The next touchdown for the Rams! This time Stafford’s doing it himself. What a humiliation for Brady…

Can Brady and the Bucs still pull off the miracle? Brady on Fournette — who runs into the end zone with the egg. touchdown! With kick it is “only” 13:27.

Crazy: The snap goes haywire! The egg flies past Stafford. The quarterback had looked to the side, not quite ready. Just before that, the Rams had sacked Brady and won the ball. He’s gone now.

Oh! The Rams’ field goal attempt from 46 yards is too short, three points that were believed to be safe are gone. That would have been the preliminary decision.

Is there still something for the Bucs? Weeeeeiter pass from Brady to Mike Evans. touchdown! With an extra point it’s only 20:27. Mega excitement!

And then THAT! The Rams lose the egg. Again ball win for the Buccaneers. 2 minutes and 25 seconds left to play.

46 seconds before the end: Fourth try for Brady. All or nothing! Brady puts the egg in Fournette’s hands — and he runs for a touchdown! The kick is good. 27:27!

The compensation! Insanity!

42 seconds left for the Rams. What’s happening now? Long ball from Stafford — Kupp catches! No more downtime. Four seconds left to play. Now field goal from 30 yards. Matt Gay scores for Rams win! Wow, what a game!



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