NFL faces competition: USFL returns – it’s 2nd attempt!

The NFL gets competition. Again!

The United States Football League (USFL) plans to start in spring 2022. As the football league also announced, “Fox” will broadcast the games. The TV broadcaster has a stake in the company that owns USFL.

Eight teams are planned for the start. Which are they? Still unclear! But: they are supposed to bear the names of the clubs from the 80s when the USFL started for the first time. That was 1983. Three years later it was over again.

The USFL started out as a spring football league, but then moved its games to the fall – mainly due to pressure from Donald Trump, then owner of the USFL club New Jersey Generals.

A direct attack on the NFL. And a mistake! The USFL project failed. Now is the second attempt to steal a piece of the football pie from the NFL!

The XFL had already tried that, which failed in 2001 and will also start the next attempt in the coming year. Parallel to the USFL.

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) recently crashed: It started in February 2019, after just eight weeks the league ran out of money and the game was stopped.


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