NFL crime thriller: Chicago Bears miss out on victory at the last second!

What a Monday night game!

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Chicago Bears at home in the NFL 29:27. The “Monday Night” game was tough.

It starts with a huge gap in the Bears Defense. Najee Harris walks almost unhindered into the end zone. Touchdown! With an extra kick it’s 7-0.

Harris grew up in a homeless shelter with his mom and four siblings in Richmond, California. He has not forgotten the time. Time and again he and his family support the Interfaith Program (GRIP). What has been new recently: carpet, computer, a grill, warm wall paint, a playground, new garden, the parking lot expanded and and and …

Siu Laulea, who looked after Najee and his family at the time: “We have people who donate money. Najee is different! He wants to improve the quality of life! Now it feels more like a home for everyone here. Because of him, there is now a completely different mood here. “

Touchdown number two goes to the account of Pat Freiermuth after Ben Roethlisberger’s pass. With an extra point it becomes 14: 0.

15 seconds before the end of the first half, the Bears make their first points. By field goal. 3:14.

Very strong: Steelers defender TJ Watt! Who intercepts a pass from Bears quarterback Justin Fields – interception! And a short time later Fields knocked to the ground – 1a sack. There’s even a sack from him in the fourth quarter.

The Bears create a touchdown through Jimmy Graham. The referees do not give the thing! Your decision: illegal attack on an offense player beforehand! Cannot be seen even in slow motion. The commentators on US TV speak of a wrong decision.

Shortly afterwards, playmaker Fields is severely attacked. Far to his passport! This time the referees say: No foul. Another huge discussion on US TV.

At least the Bears field goal is possible. 6:14!

On the other hand, it beats BIG BEN! Roethlisberger again on Freiermuth. 20: 6. The extra point passes.

The bears are strong as a bear!

Darnell Mooney runs into the end zone. With an extra kick, the box now becomes even more tight. Only 13:20 left. And that at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

The Steelers strike back. 54-yard field goal by Chris Boswell – in. Just in there. 23:13!

Crazy scene: Steelers kicker Boswell shoots the ball forward – the Bears catch it, run away – lose it. And where is the egg going? Into the arms of Boswell! Who picks up the thing like a goalkeeper.

Most recently, Boswell was absent with a concussion after being knocked down on a trick play that allowed him to throw.


Ray-Ray McCloud loses the ball on punt return – DeAndre Houston-Carson grabs the egg and runs to the Bears touchdown. Suddenly with a kick it’s only 20:23.

Bitter for the Bears: They sack Roethlisberger through Cassius Marsh. He cheers provocatively in front of the Steelers. And will be punished for it – completely in accordance with the rules. The gain in space is gone again. How stupid! That’s why his coaches give it anchors. Ironically in a phase in which the Steelers wobbled extremely and the turning point was possible!

The Bears are getting too many penalties today.

Instead, Pittsburgh scores. Boswell with a kick. 26:20!


Super pass from Fields to Mooney in the end zone. Toooouchdown! Insanity. Strong nerves from the young quarterback!

Compensation. With the extra point, the Bears take the lead for the first time. 27:26! 146 seconds to go.

The decision?

NO! Again super kicker Boswell comes, again he scores with a field goal. From 40 yards. 29:27!

Bears kicker Cairo Santos with the very last chance! The Brazilian competes from 65 yards away. But his shot is too short!


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