NFL: Antonio Brown smuggled OnlyFans model into the hotel

The Antonio Brown saga just keeps getting crazier!

Apparently the wide receiver smuggled an “only fans” model into the team hotel the night before his crazy NFL exit – despite strict quarantine rules!

Opposite the “Daily Mail” reported “Only Fans” model Ava Louise from her night of love with the NFL diva. Brown would have texted her to his hotel room in Jersey City. Actually impossible in Corona times.

Because: Due to the strict corona rules in the NFL, even the hotels of the teams are guarded by security so that no unwanted guests penetrate the team’s safe corona bubble.

Louise didn’t care – she mingled with other hotel guests and got past the security guards and into Brown’s room without any problems. Where things got hot between the two of them.

Totally crazy: According to Louise, the NFL star wanted her to post videos of their sex night together on “Only Fans”. Too good for no scandal!

Louise sees the same way too. She says: “He wants controversy, he wants something like that to be connected to his name.” Brown definitely has the controversy. On Thursday he was officially released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is now looking for a club again.


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