Neymar: Fan attack on Brazil star!

Incredible scene in Brazil!

Imagine you are a world star and suddenly fans want to straddle you! Not on the square, but in front of a hotel. Exactly something like that has happened to mega-star Neymar (29).

A video on Twitter shows the crazy incident.

What happened?

When the Brazilian national team arrived at their team hotel before the game against Ecuador on Thursday, Neymar had just got off the team bus.

Although he was wearing a baseball cap and face mask, fans recognized him. They raced towards him. But instead of asking for autographs or a photo, they attacked him.

Fan attack on Neymar!

Neymar was just able to put his cell phone in his right pocket. The fans tried to pull him to the ground, held him tight. But immediately security people were there, intervened and were able to protect Neymar. It is not clear where exactly the attack occurred. Some write about the team hotel in Rio de Janeiro, others about the hotel in Porto Alegre.

After several seconds of wrangling, the striker was freed from the last fan. He had to collect himself briefly, but then went on to the hotel.

Even after that, Neymar stays cool. That night, Brazil played against Ecuador in the World Cup qualifiers in Porto Alegre, winning 2-0. Shortly before the end, he converted a penalty (90 + 4), finally ensuring the victory of his Seleção.


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