New rules for the health pass from January 15: all the answers to your questions

From this date, French people who have not received their booster dose within seven months of their last injection will lose their health pass.

As of Saturday, January 15, any adult who has not received their booster dose of vaccination against Covid-19 within seven months of their last injection will have their health pass deactivated. A new rule announced at the end of November by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, and already in force for people aged 65 and over since December 15. How many people are affected? What to do if you have just been infected with Covid? Le Figaro answers all your questions.

How many people will lose their health passes?

According to data from the General Directorate of Health (DGS) communicated to the Figaro, 560,000 people could have their health pass withdrawn on January 15, for not having carried out their vaccination reminder in time. Indeed, as the DGS points out, “as of January 13, 15.3 million people have already received their booster dose out of the 15.9 millionof eligible French people.

To find out if you are one of these few hundred thousand people about to be deprived of a health pass, you can go to the TousAntiCovid application. A warning message on a yellow background appears on the smartphone of users whose pass expires on January 15.

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What to do if you have recently been infected with Covid-19?

A Covid-19 infection is equivalent to a vaccine injection, recalled Olivier Véran. Thus, people who have received one or two doses of vaccine, then have been contaminated, can still benefit from the health pass. All you have to do is enter the positive result of your PCR or antigen test – of at least 11 days and less than 6 months – into the TousAntiCovid application, which is valid as a certificate of recovery. This document is valid remains valid for six months after infection. To keep it thereafter, it is advisable to receive its booster dose between three months minimum and seven months maximum after contamination. Note that people infected with Covid after their second dose are therefore not exempt from the third dose.

From when does the QR Code obtained after vaccination become valid?

If you have not yet received your third dose of vaccine, pay attention to the deadlines. Indeed, “all people who do their booster have a new QR Code, which becomes valid seven days after their injection, whether it is a second, third dose or more“, specifies to the Figaro the General Directorate of Health (DGS). People who have exceeded the seven-month deadline after their last injection and who wanted to be vaccinated this week, just before the January 15 deadline, could therefore have a bad surprise: they could see their pass deactivated for a few days, the the seven-day period has elapsed.

To allow the French to anticipate, Health Insurance offers an online simulator, called “My Covid vaccine reminder”, which allows you to know when to receive your booster dose and know the end date of validity of your health pass. A similar service exists on the ministerial website Mes Conseils Covid.

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If I decide to take my first dose today, when can I expect to get my health pass?

At the beginning of January, a year after the start of the vaccination campaign, more than 5 million French people had still not received any dose of vaccine. If, among them, some want to start their vaccination course today, they will have to wait a few weeks before obtaining their health pass.

For people who have never tested positive for Covid, the precious sesame is activated one week after the second injection. Since the time between the first two doses of messenger RNA vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna) must be at least three weeks, an initial vaccination schedule in this case takes at least one month to complete. As for those who were infected with Covid less than six months ago and benefiting from a recovery certificate, their health pass would become valid one week after their first dose. In both cases, to keep the document, a booster dose is necessary between three and seven months after the last injection.

Are the rules expected to change again?

As of February 15, the deadline for taking your booster dose will be shortened. It will go from seven months to four months after the last injection or infection. Otherwise the sanitary pass will be deactivated. Knowing that a minimum time lapse of three months must be respected between its last dose or contamination and its booster dose, and that the QR Code is only activated after seven days, the window of opportunity to getting vaccinated will actually be limited to three weeks.

In addition, a bill intended to transform the health pass into a vaccination pass is currently under discussion in Parliament. This text, which will oblige the French to present a certificate of vaccination or recovery to access daily activities (cinemas, theaters, bars, restaurants, etc.), should not modify the rules relating to the vaccination schedule. The government is aiming for implementation no later than “in the first days of the week of January 17“Said Gabriel Attal on BFMTV on Sunday.


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