New day of interprofessional mobilization to demand salary increases

Demonstrations are planned across France this Thursday. The circulation of regional trains will be slightly disrupted, according to the SNCF.

For the third Thursday in a row, the CGT, FO, FSU and Solidaires unions are calling for a day of national mobilization on January 27. The intersyndicale, as well as the youth organizations Fidl, MNL, LVL and UNEF are calling on employees from all sectors of activity (public and private) to strike and demonstrate. Pointing the finger “the social and economic context, the increases in basic necessities, energy and food and, ultimately, the cost of living for everyone, young people, working people, job seekers and retirees“, they demand an increase in wages and retirement pensions, better working conditions, the abandonment of the unemployment insurance reform as well as recruitment and a strengthening of the health protocol in education.

The CGT providesprotests across France“, Some 170 rallies and parades will take place at the call of the CGT, FO, FSU and Solidaires unions, according to Céline Verzeletti, CGT confederal leader. Among the demonstrators should be the employees mobilized in recent weeks, in industry, the food industry, trade, the public service, according to Céline Verzeletti. The union thinksreally do a lot more than october 5“, she told AFP. This day of interprofessional mobilization brought together 85,400 people according to the Ministry of the Interior, more than 160,000 according to the CGT. In Paris, a demonstration is planned from the Place de la Bastille. The procession will leave at 2 p.m. to go to Bercy, near the Ministry of the Economy. Traffic may be disrupted nearby. In schools, some teachers will be absent: 20% of strikers in primary education according to the SNUipp-FSU, the first union of the first degree. The Ministry of National Education, for its part, reports 9% of teachers on strike in primary schools and 8% in secondary schools. The functioning of school canteens had to be disrupted.

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Disruptions in transport

As far as transport is concerned, the CGT Cheminots and SUD-Rail unions have filed a strike notice from Wednesday 7 p.m. to Friday 8 a.m. They call for a massive mobilization within the SNCF and the RATP. If no disruption of the metro lines is planned in Paris for the moment, in Ile-de-France, one in three trains will run on the RER B North line, whose operation is shared with the RATP. On the RER A, C, D and line H of the Transilien, the offer will be three trains out of four. The service will be normal or almost normal on all the other RER or Transilien lines. On the TER side, “the level of offer will vary according to the regions and the service will be provided at 80% at the national level against 90% currently“, indicated the SNCF. The entire TGV service will be provided normally.

The organizers of Thursday’s mobilization will decide Friday morning on the continuation of the movement, to which Unsa and CFE-CGC have announced their arrival. The CFDT, which is not one of the unions that called for participation in the mobilization on Thursday, decided to organize February 3 “a march of essential workers», which should bring together several hundred people in the west of Paris.


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