NBA tightens corona rules: Kevin Durant has to be in quarantine for a week

The NBA is tightening its rules for wearing mouth and nose protection during games. Accordingly, the professionals of the matchday squad should wear the masks at the beginning of each half until they come into play. Inactive players and coaches should always wear mouth and nose protection beforehand.

In addition, all players should share the names of personal trainers, therapists, chiropractors and other specialists with whom they work outside of the team’s premises.

The announcement came on the same day that Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant has to be quarantined for a week following the league’s anti-corona rules and will miss four games.

Durant, who was infected with the corona virus in May 2020, is considered the contact person for a person who tested positive, several US media reported with reference to an anonymous source. As such, Durant is required to take a seven-day break in accordance with the league’s health and hygiene protocol as long as he tests negative consistently.


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