NBA: The Boston Celtics beat the Brooklyn Nets in the playoffs and humiliate megastar Kevin Durant

The first team is in the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs!

The Boston Celtics win 116-112 at the Brooklyn Nets — advance to the next round after sweeping 4-0. But after the fourth Celtics win in the fourth duel, everything is talking about the greatest playoff humiliation for one of the greatest NBA megastars!

Kevin Durant (33) has never been “swept” in his career, meaning he was eliminated in the knockout stages with zero wins. But although all four games against Boston were close, the three-time Olympic gold medalist and two-time NBA champion (2017, 2018 with the Golden State Warriors) is left empty-handed.

Durant has never been humiliated like this in his career!

Significant: KD himself messed up the last attempt in the fourth game.

In all games, Durant has disappointed badly. Bleacherreport calls him the “biggest disappointment of the playoffs.”

Very embarrassing: Losing the second game, Durant’s mom freaks out in the stands. TV cameras show Wanda Durant swearing at the referee.

With their 102-88 victory, the Toronto Raptors force another game against the Philadelphia 76ers, who are only 3-2 in the lead.


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