Nam Em, Lanh Thanh matched

HCMCNam Em, Lanh Thanh armored each other to the event “V Heartbeat Year End Party 2020”, the evening of January 16.

Nam Em was dressed in a sequins evening gown with a bangle, and took Lanh Thanh’s arm on the red carpet. While posing in front of the camera, the beauty repeatedly covered her mouth and smiled. Lanh Thanh looked at his girlfriend lovingly, and sometimes turned to chat with her.

Nam Em and Lanh Thanh love each other together. Image: KJM.

Both said they are in the learning phase and do not want to talk too much, so that their feelings will develop naturally. Nam Em was shaken by Lanh Thanh and actively pursued him when participating in the dating program The steering wheel of love. The actor also fell in love with the second round of filming for the show. Lanh Thanh said he sympathized with Nam Em’s situation from the first days of meeting. Recently, her health is not good, often tired, fainting at work makes him worried.

Both are praised beautiful couple.  Photo: KJM.

Both are praised beautiful couple. Image: KJM.

Nam Em and Lanh Thanh’s relationship was supported by many audiences. After the show, the two often appear closely at entertainment events.

Nam Em was born in 1996 in Tien Giang, is the Miss Mekong Delta in 2012. In 2016, Nam Em participated in the Miss Earth contest in the Philippines and entered the top 8. In addition to modeling, acting, she also went. Sing with many songs like Are you listening, Go away with me… Lanh Thanh (Hoang Van Thanh) was born in 1993, has acted in many films such as Dear Mother, Sisters and in MVs Duyen I miss, Brother, stay

Nam Em picked up the cat on the red carpet

Nam Em picked up a pet cat on the red carpet, 2019. Video: HD.

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