Movie ‘578’ competes for Oscars 2023

“578: Shot of the Madman” – a Vietnamese action film starring H’Hen Nie and directed by Luong Dinh Dung – was nominated for the 95th Academy Award.

The decision was signed on September 23 by Mr. Ta Quang Dong – Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and assigned to the film production unit. 578 (Director Luong Dinh Dung) submitted to compete for the 95th Academy Awards in the International Film category. Tu Van Media and Film Production Co., Ltd – the film production unit – coordinated with the Cinema Department to register to attend, send documents and film discs with English subtitles to the Oscar organizers in the US before March 3. ten.

Director of the Cinema Department Vi Kien Thanh said that this year, not many Vietnamese works are eligible to compete in the Oscar’s International Film category. 578 was one of only four films that met that criteria, and was therefore selected by the National Council.

Trailer of the movie “578 – The shot of the madman”.Video: Lotte

Director Luong Dinh said that he and his team had completed the competition file and sent it to the Oscar organizers. “I see this as an experience and don’t have high expectations of winning. The work is about to be released abroad, so I hope that the Oscar competition will help the project get more attention.” Before the comments that the film was criticized for its content, the director said: “I receive comments from the audience. Any comments that are correct, I will record and learn for the next project”.

In theaters on May 20, 578: Madman’s Shot is one of the rare Vietnamese action movies released this year. The story revolves around Hung (Alexandre Nguyen) – a container driver with his daughter – baby An who lives as a nomad on rented roads. One day, An became the target of abuse by a group of strangers, so he became severely depressed. The father sets out to track down criminals, thereby confronting the underworld. On the journey to regain justice for his children, he is helped by the mysterious girl Bao Vy (H’Hen Niê).

With a budget of 60 billion VND, the film has many minus points in terms of script and acting. Hung’s story is difficult to empathize with because of the lack of background details. Hung’s father and son’s past is only briefly mentioned through a few flashback scenes. Hung is alone on his journey to find justice, but the way he scours the lair and finds the mastermind is quite easy. Since Alexandre Nguyen can’t speak Vietnamese, his role is voiced by another actor. In many passages, the character’s mouth and dialogue do not match.

H’Hen Niê – Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 – was introduced in the second act, in the scene where Bao Vy – in the guise of a container driver – was helped by Hung when the car had a problem. Having a strong and sexy image, but H’Hen Niê’s acting has not yet made a mark. Her lines are also awkward, the radio lacks emphasis, and the words are not clear. The story of H’Hen Niê’s character has not been heavily invested by the scriptwriter. Despite being promoted as the female lead, the character Bao Vy has quite a bit of “land” for acting and dialogue, only participating in about three segments out of a total length of 106 minutes of the film.

HHen Niê plays a female character in her first movie.  Photo: Lotte

H’Hen Niê plays the role of a “woman” in her first movie. Image: Lotte

The plus point of the film in the action scenes is invested, the context is diverse. The scene of fighting on the roof of a container in the middle of the harbor was filmed quite smoothly, thanks to the martial arts choreography of action director Oh Sea Young (film). Avengers: Age of Ultron, Taxi Driver). The film only achieved a revenue of more than 3.5 billion VND, according to data of Box Office Vietnam – an independent box office observer.

The 95th Academy Awards will take place on March 12, 2023 in Los Angeles, USA. In recent years, Vietnam has participated in the International Film category with nominations such as I see yellow flowers on green grass, Co Ba Saigon, Hai Phuong, Blue Eyes, Godfather… but they all fail.

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