Motorcycle World Championship: Bad accident at the Grand Prix of Italy

Qualifying drama at the motorcycle Grand Prix of Italy!

In the Moto3 class, 19-year-old Swiss Jason Dupasquier from the German Prüstel team had a hard crash on Saturday. In a curve his tires slipped away, then slid across the asphalt.

Particularly brutal: Dupasquier was caught by the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki driving behind him, who then fell. The qualification was canceled immediately.

Jason Dupasquier in February 2020Photo: picture alliance / KEYSTONE

While Sasaki soon gave the all-clear, Dupasquier was treated on the route and, according to the organizer, was then taken by helicopter to the hospital in Florence.

According to Eugenio Giani, President of the Tuscany Region, a neurosurgical operation is said to have been necessary. The medical team has the situation under control.

At first there were no further details about Dupasquier’s health.


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