Mother’s Day: with or without peonies, flowers are a hit like never before

The thrill came from our neighbors. In Belgium, Germany or Italy, Mother’s Day took place a little earlier than in France, and, according to the French Federation of Artisans Florists (FFAF), the sale of flowers exploded on this occasion. For the craftsmen of the sector, hard hit by the first confinement before being finally recognized as “essential trade” in April, this bodes well.

Certainly, and this is not a scoop, the flower is widely at the top of the gifts offered on the occasion of Mother’s Day, 30% of gift intentions according to a Yougov poll for the Federation published in 2 021. At this time occasion, florists generally achieve 10% of their turnover. But this particular year seems to have a more positive effect than expected:

Undoubtedly, we are witnessing a craze “ assures Alban Bricout, director of this federation which brings together the artisans of the sector. ” We could not go to the restaurant or to the cinema. So the budget shifted to the flower. In addition, with outings limited in time or duration, we quickly walked past our neighborhood florist five times, a shopkeeper that we had perhaps never noticed before ” he observes.

More fuzzy bouquets … Here at Désirée, Tana éditions

No more round bouquets, the vagueness is acclaimed

All that remains is to make your choice. Certain trends are being confirmed this year, such as the country bouquet, with more blurred outlines than the classic round bouquet, which has long been popular. It is a more artistic composition which requires know-how. Only professionals know how to assemble this type of bouquet to perfection. That’s good news: customers who want to recognize the work of their local businesses will know where to turn.

Once the shape of the bouquet has been determined which species to turn to? If the rose often arrives at the top of the requests that day, the peony follows it: “C ‘is the flagship flower of Mother’s Day. She is generous and pleases her a lot. Luckily, whereas previously we only had at our disposal the pale pink Sarah Bernhardt, today the peony comes in a multitude of colors, from white to dark red ” remarks the director of the federation.

The restless of the petal

The peony buzz

Moreover, this professional cannot understand the controversy about a possible explosion in the price of peony. For the director of the FFAF, there is neither a shortage nor a surge in the prices of the star flower of the season. He even has a little trouble understanding this sudden excitement.

Why the “Peony War” is likely to drain your bouquet budget for Mother’s Day

In fact, it all started with a freelance florist’s tweet. The latter, after noticing a sharp rise in the price of peony, denounced in a post competition from supermarkets, which, after having bought large volumes, deprived artisans of them and drove prices down. Since then, the florist has made her mea culpa and returned to her remarks: it is especially the appalling weather of recent months which would explain the rise in prices of a peony whose season only runs for a few weeks.


We are reassured, we will find many peonies this year in florists. Perhaps there will be less than usual, but their price should be “almost normal” indicates Alban Bricout. In his Sartrouville store, he says he sells them for between 3 and 4 euros a stem. For her part, Florence Lavoir, from the Parisian Batignolles store “La Fabrique d’Effects” sells them for 18 euros for six, a far cry from the outbreak announced.

At this florist in the 17th arrondissement, for an average basket of 40 euros (25 euros on the national average) there will be many peonies in the bouquets of Mother’s Day. This will not prevent it from offering pretty compositions for all budgets. As for this little boy who will surely come, all shy with a crumpled ten euro bill in his hand, to ask for a bouquet for his mother. For the others, warns the director of the Federation ” Don’t go there at 11 o’clock on Sunday if you want something personal and tailor-made… You might have to wait a bit ”. His advice? – “Order in advance!” “. To the best of my mind …

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