‘Money Heist 5’ part two: The final robbery

The Professor’s secret plans and past are revealed in the second season of season five of the “Money Heist” series.

* The article reveals the movie’s content

The story of the film continues the events of the previous part, revolving around the Spanish bank robbery of the red shirt bandits. After the army attacked, several members were injured and killed, causing the morale of the group to fluctuate somewhat. Meanwhile, Professor (Álvaro Morte) – the bandit commander from afar – has yet to come up with a solution to disperse the gold as well as help everyone escape. In the midst of a critical situation, he is overtaken by female inspector Alicia Sierra (Álvaro Morte), becoming one of the dangers that need to be prevented.

Trailer “Money Heist 5” part two. The film premiered on December 3, currently in the list of 10 most watched works of Netflix Vietnam. Video: Youtube Netflix

The second season of the fifth season is also the final part of the series, still in charge of Álex Pina – the creator of the previous seasons – in charge. The content focuses on developing the Professor’s plan in leading the robbers to take 80 tons of gold out of the bank, and at the same time clarifying some pre-installed details such as the fate of the Tokyo female robber (Úrsula Corberó) or the role of the character Rafael (Patrick Criado) – the son of Berlin (Pedro Alonso). The biggest question is whether the band will succeed or fail to be answered, bringing a complete ending to all three seasons, satisfying the audience’s expectations from 2019.

The film reduces the shooting and killing scenes, but is more psychological and intellectual, in accordance with the spirit of the first two seasons. Although there are only five episodes left, the scripting team still knows how to create drama with many twists (unexpected details) in each episode, making the ending unpredictable. Thriller situations are properly integrated, helping the film keep the suspenseful atmosphere from beginning to end. Reply Esquire, Álex Pina said that he had to rewrite the script 33 times to choose a worthy ending for the story.

The crew allotted time so that each member of the bandit could reveal their personality and thoughts before parting with the audience. The death of the deceased partners became the driving force that made the bandits determined to complete their goals, despite all dangers. An emotional segment is when the group stops working and sings the song together Bella Ciao, reminiscent of a familiar scene from season one.

After many times in the passive position, the Professor really returned to the role of leader. The character has a lot of space to show his genius mind when leading the group in action as well as expressing his personal feelings. On the one hand, he has to find a way to convince Alicia to take his side, and on the other hand, he has to face his biggest enemy, Colonel Luis Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) who is determined to destroy the bandits. Not only that, the Professor also faced doubts from group members, including his lover – Lisbon (Itziar Ituño). Some details related to the character’s childhood are also revealed, including memories of his father and brother Berlin, which partly explains why the two brothers entered the path of theft.

Image of actor Álvaro Morte as the Professor.  Photo: Netflix

Image of actor Álvaro Morte as the Professor. Photo: Netflix

Although no longer directly participating in the mission of the century, the late Berlin robber still plays an important role in the storyline. Characters are mainly told through flashbacks (flashbacks). In the series, Berlin is one of the most loved characters besides the Professor and Tokyo. Follow Deadline, Netflix confirmed that it will produce a spin-off about Berlin starring actor Pedro Alonso, scheduled to be released in 2023. The company also announced Park Hae Soo – the star of the show. Squid Game – will take on the role of Berlin in the project Money Heist Korean version.

One of the factors that helped make the final part a success was the acting of the cast. Álvaro Morte demonstrates his bravery and long-term acting experience, portraying the professor’s intense pressure at the leader position. Actor Pedro Alonso brings depth to Berlin, showing that the character also has its own tragedy, complicated fate. Najwa Nimri continues to impress as the female inspector Alicia, an interesting character no less than Tokyo or Lisbon. The other actors also performed well, creating an emotional season.

Upon release, the film received generally positive reviews from critics, earning an overall score of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes for the entire season. Sheet Indian Express commented on the perfect ending, skillfully combining emotional and humorous situations, making the audience unable to take their eyes off the screen. Sheet EW assessed this as the “biggest gamble” ever of the Professor. Journal Metro UK Rating the film 4/5 stars, think that the film is full of emotions, keeping the same style as previous seasons.

Meanwhile, the audience has mixed opinions about the ending. On IMDb, users who scored high above 8/10 rated the ending as touching, well worth the wait for years. Some people gave it a low score below 5/10, commenting that the progress of the last episodes was hasty, many details were not clarified or omitted, and the script was still arranged and unreasonable.

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