MMA: The 2nd episode of the Oktagon Challenge today on BILD TV

Horny, horny, octagon!

The Oktagon MMA Challenge is really fun. The 2nd episode of the successful format will be released today at 10 p.m BILD TV!

BILDplus customers can watch every episode of the mega-popular series on Tuesdays, followed by broadcast on free TV on Saturdays.

That’s what it’s about: Two fighters compete against each other in each episode, wanting to fulfill their dream of a grand finale in the Frankfurt Festhalle (in front of 10,000 spectators) on June 4th.

Who fights against each other, decides in a challenge! This episode focuses on cooking.

Then Antonio Bila and Hassan “Diaz” Shaaban face each other in the octagon.

This is Antonio Bila: The 24-year-old has been training for two years at MMA Spirit in Frankfurt, the martial arts forge of his coaches Stefan Pütz and Christian Eckerlin.

As a teenager he was addicted to drugs, through MMA he brought structure back into life. It is all the more exciting that you can experience his story up close through the Oktagon MMA Challenge.

Bila highly concentratedPhoto: Octagon Challenge

This is Hassan Shaaban: At the age of 16 “Hassan Diaz”, his nickname after the Diaz brothers from the UFC, started with MMA. It now belongs to the famous UFD Gym in Düsseldorf.

No wonder that the 20-year-old is one of the favorites in the challenge due to his training experience.

Hassan Shaaban is considered the favourite

Hassan Shaaban is considered the favouritePhoto: Octagon Challenge

But can he now show that in the cage when several cameras are pointed at him?

If you can’t wait: The episode is already available with BILDplus!


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