Miss Universe 2020 wraps tape as a costume

Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza wraps yellow tape on her body to create a catsuit on television.

On March 8, on her personal page, Andrea Meza shared a photo of herself wearing a tape suit in the show “Stay at home with Telemundo” hosted by her. Miss told the page Today90 Kim Kardashian’s outfit at Paris Fashion Week inspired her. The Mexican beauty imitated the American star, but slightly modified it in the V-neck.

Andrea Meza (left) imitates Kim Kardashian wearing duct tape as a costume. Photo: Instagram Andrea Meza, Backgrid

Meza’s photo received 154,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments. Many viewers enjoyed, complimented her on dressing better than Kim Kardashian. They wrote: “Beautiful”, “Don’t imitate Kim Kardashian. But to be fair, Meza is better dressed”, “She is so beautiful”, “An icon! Hail to our queen”…

According to VogueKim Kardashian’s outfit is one of the remarkable designs at fashion week thanks to its unique look. The tight-fitting catsuit made it difficult for Kim to move, making a cry every time.

Andrea Meza wrapped in duct tape as a costume

Behind-the-scenes of Andrea Meza’s costume making. Video: AM MU 2020

Andrea Meza was born in 1994, is assessed for her talent and integrity. Crowned Miss Universe in May 2021, Meza moved to live in the US, participated in a number of fashion events, judged beauty contests, and volunteered. Miss has a time as a software engineer, model, and makeup artist. She is 1.8 m tall, measuring three rounds 89-66-89 cm, won the title of 1st runner-up Miss World 2017.



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