Miss Ky Duyen controls calories when eating

Miss Ky Duyen ate white meat, boiled vegetables and nuts in combination with exercise and lost 5 kg during social distancing.

Ky Duyen said that although she loves her full and vibrant image, she still wants to regain her slim figure as before. After about a month, she lost 5 kg, to 55 kg, her skin also had noticeable improvements. Miss does not use detox methods or weight loss drugs, only adjust the diet and exercise.

Miss Ky Duyen after losing 5 kg by adjusting her eating and exercising habits. Photo: Characters provided

She does not eat too much, but focuses on balanced nutrition. Thanks to staying at home for a long time and cooking for herself, she is able to control the calorie and fat content of her body. During the first two weeks, she only used two sources of protein, fish and chicken breast, then changed to other types of white meat and seafood such as squid, shrimp, crab… Occasionally, Ky Duyen used white tofu and eggs (two a day) for a change of taste. Beauty limits the use of red meat (pork, beef) because it provides a large amount of calories, affecting the weight loss process.

When cooking, Ky Duyen prioritizes methods of boiling, baking with foil or using an oil-free fryer to minimize fat. Her favorite dishes are grilled saba fish, salmon, fried tuna in an oil-free pot or pan-fried, fried fish cakes, boiled gourd… These dishes are minimally prepared, with little spice, so she often uses them. Serve with a little dipping sauce to make it more delicious.

Fiber and vitamins are added through vegetables and fruits. She chooses nutritious and less-sweet fruits such as apples, kiwis, dragon fruit, green apples… In addition, Ky Duyen’s house always prepares nuts and dried fruits for snacking. According to the health website HealthlineNuts are high in vitamins, healthy fats and have very little starch. Eating nuts regularly not only supports weight loss but also helps improve cardiovascular problems, blood sugar, and slows down the oxidation of cells. Some common types of dried nuts that can be easily found are almonds, chestnuts, peanuts…

Miss Ky Duyen lost 5 kg after social distancing

Miss Ky Duyen guides exercises to help burn excess fat and maintain shape. Video: YouTube Ky Duyen

Besides eating, Ky Duyen does cardio with a treadmill for 45 minutes to burn excess fat every day. She starts the exercise by walking at 4.2 for 3-5 minutes to warm up, then runs for 10-12 minutes at 8.0, takes a 3-5 minute walk and then resumes running. This practice helps maintain endurance and the body sweats as much as possible. According to her, doing cardio fast and properly can burn fat all over the body, helping to slim down the waist, arms and legs. Ky Duyen also adds muscle exercises for the waist, buttocks, and weightlifting exercises to maintain a balanced body ratio.

The beauty said that the leading factor in successful weight loss is perseverance. “In the past, I used to eat snacks and bold dishes, so it was easy to gain weight. Changing these two habits was not easy, but I had to be determined to have the desired body shape. Losing weight is a long process, just let go. A little looseness can also waste the initial effort,” she said.

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