Miss Honey Lee is pregnant

South KoreaHoney Lee – dubbed “the sexiest Miss Korea” – is currently pregnant with her first child in the fourth month.

On the morning of January 16, a representative of Saram Entertainment – the actor’s management company – told Sports Chosun: “A precious life has come to Honey Lee. She is currently in her fourth month of pregnancy and is due to give birth in May or early June. We thank everyone for their blessings for Honey Lee and me. The baby is about to be born.”

Follow Kyunghyang, The beauty’s health is stable. She limited her artistic activities, focused on attending prenatal and health care classes.

Honey Lee has a happy life and a flourishing career at the age of 39. Photo: Kyunghyang

Miss and her husband outside the entertainment industry got married on December 21, 2021 with a small party in Seoul in the blessing of the family. The beauty publicly had a boyfriend in early November 2021. Above Chosun, an acquaintance of Honey Lee revealed that the two shared many interests and similar views on life.

At the year-end awards ceremony of SBS on December 31, 2021, when receiving the “Best Actress” award for her role in the drama. One the Woman, she expressed her love to her husband. “A lot of good things have happened recently. I want to share the joy with my other half, with whom I will spend the rest of my life,” she said.

Previously, Honey Lee experienced a seven-year relationship with actor Yoon Kye Sang, they announced their separation in June 2020. Kye Sang is married to a woman in the fashion industry.

Trailer of the movie 'One the Woman'

Actor in the movie “One the Woman”. Video: SBS

Honey Lee was born in 1983, was crowned Miss Korea 2006 and 3rd runner-up at Miss Universe 2007. In 2015, she topped the list of “11 sexiest Korean beauties of all time”, by the magazine. Playboy (USA) vote. Encroaching on the acting field, she made her mark in both television and film through a series of works: Taste of love, Tazza – Hand of God, Anecdote about Hong Gil Dong, Return of Gentleman, Hegemony mission, Enthusiastic priest, Dirty money…

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