Miss Grand Vietnam contestant was criticized for calling out her name

Many Miss Grand Vietnam finalists were ridiculed by the audience and were not serious when introducing their names.

The top 50 went through two parts of the evening contest, swimsuits with the name of the province where they were born in the final round, in Ho Chi Minh City. Many contestants such as Nguyen Tam Nhu, Nguyen Thi Kieu My, Vo Thi Thuong, Bui Thi Thuc Hien… chose a humorous style by deliberately prolonging the breath, raising the voice, increasing the tone, and adding dance movements. On social networks, their performance videos are shared and discussed by many people.

Some chants of contestants’ names at the final night of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022, on the evening of September 28. Video: Golden Lotus

Beauty experts and many viewers commented that some contestants abused the comedy element, making the contest less serious.

Kenbi Khanh Pham – director, producer, member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Model Association – said that when watching the livestream, many contestants made him uncomfortable because the performance was somewhat exaggerated and the words were unclear. According to him, some people do not understand the spirit of a beauty contest, lack control, have not practiced well to have a stable and powerful voice in their voice.

Mr. Duy Quach – Chairman of Fitness Model World Vietnam – shared that some contestants showed a lack of restraint. According to him, when introducing the place of his birth on a beauty contest stage, candidates should show pride, seriousness, and appropriate emphasis.

“Overseas, due to unsigned and powerful pronunciation, it is good to hear, and Vietnamese has accents, so candidates need to pay attention so that the intonation is not horizontal, causing glare. For me when introducing my name, hometown, The most important thing is to be clear, the other elements should only be the highlight and need to be subtle,” said Kenbi Khanh Pham.

Khoi Tran (25 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) said: “Many parts of chanting my name feel like ‘screaming in the ears’ of the audience, startling, lacking in luxury”. Audience Quang Nguyen (32 years old, Go Vap district) said that in the midst of the current reality of many contests, the title of Miss is overlooked, the contest needs to pay attention to the content and form of expression instead of the displays appear ridiculous, causing discomfort.

However, there are also opinions that this is only a small part because in the top 50, many beauties like Tuyet Nhu, Chu Le Vi Anh … know how to restrain themselves to attract the audience’s attention.

Huynh Thoi Ngoc Thao promotes the inherent humor of an actor in the bikini performance and name chanting.  Photo: Writing Quarter

Huynh Thoi Ngoc Thao promotes the inherent humor of an actor in a bikini and name-calling performance. Image: Write Quarterly

Ms. Pham Kim Dung – President of Miss Grand Vietnam – said that the contest followed the Miss Grand International format. The name chanting part is the highlight, creating more color and entertainment for the contest, and at the same time expressing the contestants’ personalities. In 2021, Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien competed at Miss Grand International in Thailand, showing off her introduction and shouting the name of Vietnam with a confident demeanor, a long breath, and attention in the semi-finals and finals. Many domestic and foreign audiences said they were excited about Thuy Tien’s performance.

The representative of the organizers added that the chanting of this name in international versions such as Thailand, the humor is many times more. The introduction style is completely created by the contestants. Before the final round took place, the contestants went through a rehearsal. “Maybe when going on stage, some of you are excited, caught up in the cheering atmosphere and music background, so it’s a bit lacking in moderation. We welcome suggestions, communicate to the contestants, let the performance in the round. The next one is better,” Dung said.

According to the organizers, in the final night on October 1, the name chanting part will have a new color. The girls will have more time to introduce the culture, specialties, cuisine of the region where they were born, the style will be softer. The final content has a presentation contest on the topic of peace and behavior for the top 5 and top 2.

Top 50 on the stage of the national final round, on the evening of September 28.  Photo: Writing Quarter

Top 50 on the stage of the national final round, on the evening of September 28. Image: Write Quarterly

Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 was organized for the first time, in order to find candidates to attend Miss Grand International – one of the six major beauty contests in the world, instead of choosing from Miss Vietnam or Miss World Vietnam as in previous years.

The contest started at the end of August, attracting many contestants, including many familiar faces of the model village. The contestants went through competitions such as Inspiring Beauty, Swimsuit, Cultural and Ethnic Costume… In the final, the organizers will crown the winner, four girls. remaining in the top 5 were awarded the title of runner-up with tiara.

The jury consists of Miss Ha Kieu Anh (head of the department), designer Do Long, Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien, runner-up Lona Kieu Loan, models Minh Tu, Anh Thu, designer Do Long, and actresses. Minh Tiep.

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